Thursday 13th JUNE 2024
Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers,
Ho Chi Minh City

In today’s dynamic landscape of work, CHROs and senior business leaders play a pivotal role in steering organisational, digital and workforce transformation, where many are proactively crafting innovative strategies to not only overcome challenges but also to ensure business growth and continuity.

The inaugural CHRO Vietnam 2024, jointly organised with Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR), will delve into key industry trends and discuss pertinent topics relating to evolving HR leadership, formulation of people and talent strategies, workforce upskilling, strategic deployment of innovative HR technologies, improving employee engagement and workplace experience, and much more.

Designed to empower your HR journey and guide your organisation towards value creation and success, join over 150 senior HR leaders in Vietnam for an exclusive opportunity to engage in high-level knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices and industry-focused networking.

CHRO Vietnam


Organiser’s Welcome Address

Catherine Wong, Managing Director - HRM Asia


Le Hong Phuc, Founder & Chairman - Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR)

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Denise Truong, Founder, Certified Trainer & Coach – TYDE Consulting

[KEYNOTE] Nurturing Future-Ready Workplaces of Excellence and Empowerment
  • Challenging the status quo and devising meaningful new ways of working
  • Incorporating DEI to positively impact employee engagement and productive collaboration
  • Promoting a culture of trust, empowerment and support in delivering high performance

Ranked in Top 3 on the list of “Vietnam 100 Best Places to Work 2023” for 5 consecutive years (2018 – 2022), Nestlé Vietnam has most recently clinched the #1 spot in 2023.

As the world’s largest food manufacturing company, Nestlé believes in the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Employees are an essential resource in the quest to realise this shared goal, where Nestlé Vietnam has been honored for efforts to improve their working environment, care for their staff, and build a healthy corporate culture with a focus on sustainable development.

Le Thanh Khang, Head of HR – Nestlé Vietnam

Le Bui Thi Mai Uyen, Business Executive Officer, Director of Dairy Business Unit – Nestlé Vietnam

[PANEL] Aligning Technology Imperatives and People Strategies to Scale Business Growth and Efficiency
  • Enhancing workforce agility and technology fluency to keep pace with transformative change
  • Cultivating digital mindset and capability building for future readiness
  • Fusing smart automation with the human touch to maximise business and customer value

Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan, Director – Centre for ASEAN Human Resources Research & Training – Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences & Humanities


Tran Minh Huong, Country Head of HR - Vietnam – Standard Chartered Bank

Pham Lan Anh, CHRO – Generali Vietnam Life Insurance

Le Thanh Nguyen An, CHRO – VinaCapital

Morning Tea Break
[FIRESIDE CHAT] Creating a Holistic and People-Centric Talent Management Experience
  • Responding effectively to various workforce needs in a digital and globalised environment
  • Eliminating traditional talent silos and making informed resourcing decisions
  • Finding the best fit talent and strengthening employer branding through recruitment

An Vo, Managing Partner & Regional Director - Asia Pacific – Janus Executive Search & Talent Advisory

Alexis Pham, Chief People Officer – Masterise Group

Phung Minh An, Group Head of Talent Management & Organisational Development – Techcombank

Maturing HR Leadership to Steer Organisational Development and Performance
  • Igniting future-focused leadership to drive transformative change
  • Aligning HR strategies with organisational values, culture and goals for a business win-win
  • Harnessing technology, data and digital tools to upscale the entire HR function

Nguyen Tam Thanh, CHRO – Masan Group

Revolutionising People Management with AI-Powered Workforce Optimisation
  • Leveraging data-driven insights for strategic workforce planning
  • Achieving productivity, cost efficiency and compliance with simple and adaptable workflows
  • Optimising critical resources and providing reliable and prompt service to customers

Ngo Thanh Phong, Country Sales Manager – Workforce Optimizer

Lunch & Networking
[CASE STUDY] Fostering a Corporate Culture of Continuous Learning, Recognition, Wellness and Progress
  • Prioritising skills enhancement and mastery in the age of talent mobility and career growth
  • Benchmarking employee performance and devising an incentive and rewards scheme
  • Valuing employee well-being and workplace health with tailored programs and benefits

Ton That Anh Vu, CHRO – Manulife Vietnam

Leveraging the Science of Personality for Data-Driven People Decisions
  • Ensuring the effective use of resources in talent acquisition and development
  • Developing high-performance leaders and empowering organisations through leadership insights
  • Considering the role of AI in people-related decisions

Krista Pederson, Managing Director – Asia Pacific – Hogan Assessment Systems

Tong Thi Nhi Ha, Consultant & Facilitator – PACE Institute of Management

Afternoon Tea Break
Achieving a 23% Uplift in Performance through ESG
  • Examining how HR can add value beyond AI for businesses to embark on sustainability
  • Pragmatic actions derived from the recent State of Sustainability report in Asia
  • Lifting employee engagement, reducing attrition and improving overall performance

Joanne Flinn, Chairwoman – The ESG Institute

[PANEL] Evolving Smart Workplaces to Spark Employee Empowerment and Productive Collaboration
  • Impact of digital transformation on workplace trends, work models and employee experience
  • Digitalising HR processes and making the transition to a self-serve culture
  • Establishing and scaling working practices to drive digital innovation and change

Le Thi Kim Anh, Vice President, Managing Director – Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR), Dynamic Consulting


Tran Thi Thu, HR Director – Nutreco International Vietnam

Lieu Thi Bich Lam, HR Director – Schindler Vietnam

Nguyen Hoang Phuong Anh, Vice President, HR – Marico South East Asia

Closing Remarks & End of Conference


Pham Lan Anh

Generali Vietnam Life Insurance

Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan

Director – Centre for ASEAN Human Resources Research & Training
Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences & Humanities

Krista Pederson

Managing Director – Asia Pacific
Hogan Assessment Systems

An Vo

Managing Partner & Regional Director – Asia Pacific
Janus Executive Search & Talent Advisory

Ton That Anh Vu

Manulife Vietnam

Nguyen Hoang Phuong Anh

Vice President, HR
Marico South East Asia

Nguyen Tam Thanh

Masan Group

Alexis Pham

Chief People Officer
Masterise Group

Le Thanh Khang

Head of HR
Nestlé Vietnam

Le Bui Thi Mai Uyen

Business Executive Officer, Director of Dairy Business Unit
Nestlé Vietnam

Tran Thi Thu

HR Director
Nutreco International Vietnam

Tong Thi Nhi Ha

Consultant & Facilitator
PACE Institute of Management

Lieu Thi Bich Lam

HR Director
Schindler Vietnam

Tran Minh Huong

Country Head of HR, Vietnam
Standard Chartered Bank

Phung Minh An

Group Head of Talent Management & Organisational Development

Joanne Flinn

The ESG Institute

Denise Truong

Founder, Certified Trainer & Coach
TYDE Consulting

Le Thi Kim Anh

Vice President, Managing Director
Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR), Dynamic Consulting

Le Thanh Nguyen An


Ngo Thanh Phong

Country Sales Manager
Workforce Optimizer


Sustainability in Action
for CHROs

In conjunction with the CHRO series, HRM Asia will be launching a Masterclass series which offers HR leaders a chance to learn and hone their skills in special interest topics from experienced industry practitioners. Kicking off the masterclass series, the inaugural masterclass session entitled, "Sustainability in Action for CHROs" will be focusing on ESG to equip HR leaders with a solid perspective on the current ESG standards, pressures and future directions of Sustainability so that they can effectively guide the business and its people to attain the organisational ESG goals.

1 day workshop
14th June 2024


Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

14th June 2024
9am - 9.15am

CHROs and the Sustainability Challenge

  • Sustainability and the role of the profession plays in transition to Carbon Neutral

Joanne Flinn, Chair of the ESG Institute

9.15am - 10.45am

ESG Masterclass #1: ESG Trends, Issues and Challenges

  • What is ESG
  • ESG trends and challenges in business
  • Implications to Leadership Responsibility
  • Understanding the additional duties of your company directors
  • Demystify Net Zero, Regenerative and Circularity
  • Understand ESG-123™ and how to guide your fellow business leader in sustainability
  • What is Sustainability Leadership today?

Joanne Flinn, Chair of the ESG Institute

Morning tea
15 mins
11am - 12.30 noon

ESG Masterclass #2: The Environment. Risk, Opportunities and Value

  • Science based origin of 'E'
  • Understand the 5 principles of ‘E’ related financial disclosure
  • Implications of Double Materiality
  • Evaluate implications to your Value Chain and what it means to people and culture
  • What people can do to reduce sustainability driven business risks
  • Principles for KPIs, metrics and measuring E from the HR perspective
1 hour
1.30pm - 3pm

ESG Masterclass #3: Social and Governance

  • Understand 7 elements of Social in the unique context of the HR profession
  • Sustainability updates to the 8 elements of good Governance
  • Four challenges faced by retail businesses
  • Identifying the impact of your business on social
  • The value HR brings to staying on customer procurement lists and avoiding greenwashing
Afternoon tea
15 mins

ESG Masterclass #4: Comply or Transform. Ready for the Future

  • Introduction to ESG linked reporting standards
  • What banks, insurers and investors are increasingly looking for
  • Creating an HR strategy for transformation using the ESG-123 Maturity Model™
  • How to select priorities to accelerate business results, your impact and show progress

Joanne Flinn, Chair of the ESG Institute


Participants of the full day are eligible to take the ESG-123 foundations Assessment

Successful candidates receive a certificate of achievement, a badge for use on their resume and LinkedIn Profile, and a year’s membership to the ESG Institute as an Associate Member

Online assessment


Joanne Flinn

The ESG Institute





ticket prices and information for CHRO Vietnam

CHRO Vietnam 13 June 20241 - 3 tickets (USD)4 tickets and above (USD)

Early Bird (1 Feb to 30 April 2024)


Advanced Saver (1 May to 31 May 2024)


Regular Price (1 June to 13 June 2024)


ticket prices and information for CHRO Vietnam ESG masterclass

ESG Masterclass Vietnam 14 June 20241 - 3 tickets (USD)4 tickets and above (USD)

Early Bird (1 Feb to 30 April 2024)


Advanced Saver (1 May to 31 May 2024)


Regular Price (1 June to 14 June 2024)

ESG Masterclass Vietnam 14 June 20241 - 3 tickets (USD)4 tickets and above (USD)

Early Bird (1 Feb to 30 April 2024)


Advanced Saver (1 May to 31 May 2024)


Regular Price (1 June to 14 June 2024)


ticket prices and information for CHRO Vietnam CHRO + ESG masterclass bundle

CHRO Vietnam 13 June 2024 + ESG Masterclass Vietnam 14 June 2024Bundle pricing (USD)

Early Bird (1 Feb to 30 April 2024)


Advanced Saver (1 May to 31 May 2024)


Regular Price (1 June to 13 June 2024)


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The CHRO series promises to be exciting this year.
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Specially designed for CHROs and human resource leaders, this programme will equip you with the most current ESG landscape, identify where your organisation is strong and where critical capacities are needed while getting you up to speed with Sustainability so that you can inspire your organisation, speak powerfully to your CFO on the business value for investing in your people and creating impact.

about the workshop

4 key points.
All in 1 day.

With the pressure for Sustainability and ESG disclosure coming from stakeholders ranging from employees, customers, regulators and investors, this one day workshop drills into 4 challenges leaders in Asia face.

Based on the book Greensight ~ The Sustainability Guide for Company Directors.

ESG landscape

Explore and have a clear understanding of the ESG landscape, and how to adequately approach it.

Pressure for change

Identify where and how the pressure for change is coming from, and the urgent need for transformation.

Gain clarity on key capabilities

Gain clarity on key capabilities required in the next 12-18 months

Articulate implications

With these insights, better articulate the implications of these in terms of business opportunities, risks and roles.

key topics covered

Lots to take home.
Much to takeaway.

This workshop is designed to give you a solid grounding in the current standards, pressures and future directions of Sustainability so that you can guide your business colleagues effectively.

On completion, you will be able to answer 5 important HR questions:

What is Sustainability in the work environment?

What’s happening to stakeholder expectations? And how does this impact HR?

What can you do to become a Sustainability Partner to the business?

How can you use Sustainability driven competency models?

How can you track and measure results?

At a personal level, you will enhance your leadership position by:

Simplifying the alphabet soup of acronyms that surround ESG

Helping your C-suite answer 3 critical questions

Demystifying Net Zero, Regenerative and Circularity

Integrating Sustainability into management and leadership

Outlining what to say to the CFO if and when you get pushback

How to avoid greenwashing and the resulting damage to your employer’s brand and employee value proposition

Pham Lan Anh

CHRO – Generali Vietnam Life Insurance

Lan Anh graduated from RMIT University, majoring in banking and finance. She has 10 years of experience working overseas in America and New Zealand. She returned to Vietnam in 2009 and started her career in HR with Prudential Vietnam – The leading life insurance company in Vietnam. She has been the business partner to work alongside and find solutions for business growth in terms of the people agenda. After that, Lan Anh moved to Friesland Campina Vietnam in 2013 – A leading dairy company in Vietnam. This is a different industry for Lan Anh to adapt with the new skills and knowledge to support the business in people strategy.

As part of her career development, Lan Anh moved to Head of HR in Generali Vietnam in 2018. In this position, she covered all aspects of people development, including talent development, data analytics, productivity management, employee engagement and talent acquisition. Given the strong infrastructure, Generali Vietnam has achieved best place to work in Vietnam, HR excellence in talent development and a happy workforce.

Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan

Director – Centre for ASEAN Human Resources Research & Training – Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences & Humanities

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan has received a PhD degree on Cultural Anthropology at HCMUSSH-VNU-HCM in 2008. She has extensive experience in research and teaching at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City. She said has been the Chair of 5 scientific research projects at the level of the Ministry of Education & Training of Vietnam, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City.

Besides being Director of CVSEAS (Center for Vietnam & Southeast Asian studies), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan is a Head of the Department of Economic Social and Cultural Urban, Faculty of Urban studies, HCMUSSH, VNU; Chairwoman of Vietnam – ASEAN Friendship Association in Ho Chi Minh City. From the period of 2016 – 2021, she was a member of People Committee of HCMC.

Krista Pederson

Managing Director, Asia Pacific – Hogan Assessment Systems

Krista Pederson is the Managing Director – Asia Pacific for Hogan Assessment Systems, based in China. With over 15 years of international business experience and advanced fluency in Mandarin Chinese, she focuses on expanding Hogan’s brand and accelerating business growth in the Asia region. Krista frequently speaks at major industry conferences and events, sharing insights about Hogan’s perspective on cross-cultural leadership and talent development. She also manages the Hogan WeChat channel and collaborates with the Data Science team on culturally adapting Hogan’s assessments.

Krista holds a Master’s degree and is a PhD candidate in Organisational Development & Change at Fielding University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Baylor University and studied at Tsinghua University.

An Vo

Managing Partner & Regional Director – Asia Pacific
Janus Executive Search & Talent Advisory

Under An’s leadership, Janus Executive Search has become a strategic talent partner with leading organisations in Vietnam, fulfilling key C-level and high impact positions across banking, financial services, retail, real estate, manufacturing and technology industries. Janus’s approach has set it apart from competitors in which clients are provided with high-touch and customised talent acquisition services, served by high quality consultants with solid track record in dealing with top international talents.

Before Janus, she was the Vice President of HR, Head of Talent Acquisition for Techcombank, leading a team of 50 people to deliver 3,500 recruitment volume annually. Prior to Techcombank, she was the Head of HR at Hong Leong Bank Vietnam.

Before joining the banking industry, An was working at BAT in different roles in HR. She was the HR Business Partner and Talent Brand Lead, Talent Acquisition Head for East Asia Area, responsible for devising and implementing talent acquisition and talent brand strategy for Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. In her role as Talent Acquisition Director, An has impressively transformed BAT’s recruitment model in Vietnam within two years. She has led the organisations she’s been through to win several reputed awards, including Anphabe Top 2 Employers in Banking industry, the Top 10 LinkedIn Social Recruiters in Asia in 2015, Top 3 Employer Brands in Asia Pacific in 2016, and many more.

An holds a Double Bachelor Degree in International Relations and French from Mount Holyoke College (USA) and Master of Science Degree in Media & Communications Management from University of Stirling (Scotland).

Ton That Anh Vu

CHRO – Manulife Vietnam

Ton That Anh Vu has joined Manulife Vietnam since August 2022 and is currently CHRO. He is responsible for driving the people agenda and human resources priorities for Manulife’s entities in Vietnam.

Vu has built his professional career in the banking and finance sector in Vietnam and Canada. He has held various management roles in the areas of retail banking, trade finance, risk management, compliance, communications, government relations and human resources. He was the Country Head of Human Resources for HSBC and Prudential in Vietnam from 2011 to early 2018. His recent appointment was Director, Global Trade & Banking with CIBC in Toronto.

Vu has obtained his MBA from Maastricht School of Management and graduated from Law University in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Huong Phuong Anh

Vice President, HR – Marico South East Asia

Phuong Anh has 27 years of working experience, in which she is a HR practitioner in more than 22 years in life insurance, HR consulting, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. Prior to Marico, she worked for Pfizer Vietnam.

Phuong Anh has a wealth of experience in HR, with more than 14 years as a member of boards in different companies. In her HR career, she has been leading many critical HR projects. Her remarkable contribution was to build culture, employer branding, and transformation together with business leaders. Phuong Anh is also recognised as a solid people leader who is very passionate about driving success with people and for people.

Nguyen Tam Thanh

Masan Group

Nguyen Tam Thanh holds the position of CHRO at Masan Group, and is a HR business leader with more than 25 years of international HR leadership experience across industries, such as financial, business services, healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, FMCG and F&B. She has broad knowledge and market insights achieved through regional and global roles that turn into fruitful business partnerships, and is committed to bringing people and business together to create excellent and sustainable performance, today and tomorrow.

Prior to Masan Group, Thanh worked at Cargill as the Regional Business HR Director for Thailand / Vietnam. Before joining Cargill, she worked at IKEA Group as the Regional HR Manager for Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia).

Thanh holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management from The Ho Chi Minh University, and an Executive Education in Strategic HR from the University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Alexis Pham

Chief People Officer – Home Credit Vietnam

With a wide range of experience in human resources management spanning ~ 20 years in both end-market and regional HR leadership roles, Alexis specialises in talent management and development, organisational development and HR business partnering. She is currently Chief People Officer at Home Credit Vietnam. Prior to this, she was CHRO at Techcombank for 5 years and then CHRO at One Mount Group for 2 years, and together with the HR team, had built both Techcombank and One Mount Group to stand among Vietnam’s Best Places to Work in banking, financial services and technology and digital industries.

Before joining Techcombank in 2015, Alexis was Regional Head of Talent & Organisational Development for British American Tobacco (BAT) Asia Pacific. Before that, she was Head of HR, Vietnam Cluster, leading HR for BAT Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Myanmar. With experiences working in both MNCs and local organisations alike and industry exposure ranging from FMCG to banking and financial services to high-tech and digital, Alexis is well-versed with the opportunities and challenges in different types of organisations and is known for her abilities to design and execute practical and relevant solutions that add value to these organisations.

Alexis graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2003 with a Bachelor of Business Management. She was consistently on the Dean’s List, and as the top student of her cohort, earned First Class Honours upon graduation.

Le Thanh Khang

Head of HR – Nestlé Vietnam

Having more than 16 years of experience in human resources and business intelligence, with diverse perspectives and working experience in the Nestlé Indochina region (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia), Khang has previously held a regional HR role in Switzerland (Nestlé headquarters) and has led multiple organisational development projects across various countries in Asia.

Khang’s passion lies in people development, youth development, building capabilities, and driving organisational transformation that aligns with the strategic objectives and growth of the business.

Le Bui Thi Mai Uyen

Business Executive Officer, Director of Dairy Business Unit – Nestlé Vietnam

With 17 years of experience in FMCG across various categories, Uyen is a passionate brand builder and business owner driven by a deep curiosity and a desire to understand consumer insights. She firmly believes in driving sustainable business results through consistent and long-term brand building strategies.

As a Gallup Strength Finder coach, Uyen is constantly fascinated by exploring new business opportunities and innovative business models, approaching them with an agile working mindset. One of her core values is the development of teams based on the principles of Strength Finder and empowerment. She believes in harnessing the unique strengths of individuals to create high-performing teams that drive exceptional results.

Tran Thi Thu

HR Director Nutreco International Vietnam

Tran Thi Thu is a seasoned HR professional with more than 18 years of experience in Manufacturing, Building & Construction, Renewable Energy, Trading, Real Estate and Aquaculture industries for global and Vietnamese organisations, including American Standard, Holcim and REE Corporation.  She is currently HR Director of Nutreco International Vietnam.

Possessing a HR generalist background with great exposure to talent development and HR business partnering skills, Thu has proven experience in developing and executing a wide range of compensation and benefits, succession planning, performance management, young talent, leadership development programs, talent management and initiatives for strategic HR projects.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Tong Thi Nhi Ha

Consultant & Facilitator – PACE Institute of Management

Tong Thi Nhi Ha (Ha Tong) is an independent facilitator and consultant in human resource management, talent development, and leadership development. She has more than 25 years of experience working with corporate clients including multinational companies and local corporations from a wide array of industries. Before that, she had served an HR Director for more than 15 years at leading corporations of hospitality and retail, including Rex Hotel Saigon, InterContinental Asiana Saigon, Sofitel Saigon Plaza, New World Saigon Hotel, and Central Group Vietnam. Most recent she was in charge as Cluster Director of Learning and Development for some brands of Marriott International in Vietnam.

Ha is a certified facilitator of Hogan Assessment. She is also a consultant and facilitator at PACE Institute of Management and Talent Assessments Vietnam.

Ha earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in human resource management from Columbia Southern University (U.S). She also holds the SHRM Certification of Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).

Lieu Thi Bich Lam

HR Director – Schindler Vietnam

Lieu is currently the HR Director of Schindler Vietnam, a Swiss elevator and escalator company. Schindler is a leading provider of sustainable and smart urban mobility. Prior to joining Schindler, she has more than 25 years of diverse working experience in multinational companies like Novartis, Sandoz, Dutch Lady, Akzo Nobel, Dairy Farm International and Group Société Générale.

As a seasoned HR Director committed to driving organisational success through effective people management strategies, Lieu’s career journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition, employee development, and fostering a positive workplace culture. Throughout her tenure, Lieu has developed a deep understanding of HR best practices and compliance requirements, ensuring that the organisation remains at the forefront of industry standards.

As a strategic partner to senior leadership, Lieu leverages her expertise to provide insights and recommendations that drive business growth and enhance employee engagement. Her approach is characterised by a focus on collaboration, transparency, and a genuine commitment to supporting the professional growth and well-being of the workforce.

Lieu is passionate about creating inclusive environments where every employee feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential. With a track record of success in optimising HR processes and driving positive change, she is dedicated to leading our organisation towards continued excellence in people management and organisational effectiveness.

Tran Minh Huong

Country Head of HR, Vietnam
Standard Chartered Bank

Minh Huong is currently the Country Head of HR at Standard Chartered Bank (SC), Vietnam.  She has 28 years of working experience for SC and held various senior leadership roles, such as Head of Credit Risk Control, Head of Wholesales Banking Operations, CIO responsible for Technology & Operations of SC, before moving to Country Head of HR role in 2014.  She was the first female and localised CIO within SC Group in 2009.

Under Minh Huong’s HR leadership, SC Vietnam has been recognised as the Best Companies to Work for in Asia by HR Asia for 5 consecutive years (2018 – 2022), Great Place to Work 2023 certified by GPTW and being the first entity in Vietnam and the third organisation worldwide certified for EDGE (Equity, Diversity and Gender Equality) at the highest LEAD level. Minh Huong always strikes a balance between her personal life and work by practicing mindfulness.

Phung Minh An

Group Head of Talent Management & Organisational Development – Techcombank

Ms. Phung Minh An is currently Head of Talent Management & Organisational Development, Human Resources Management Division, Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank – One of the leading banks in Vietnam.

Ms. An’s diversified background in leading risk management and strategy brings a very interesting approach to HR management at Techcombank, where she is able to combine a comprehensive and far-sighted vision with realistic execution programs. In addition, with more than 20 years at Techcombank, it is unarguable that Ms. An has a deep connection with the organisation and the people in it, demonstrated by her aspiration to make the life of Techcomers greater everyday.

Joanne Flinn

Chairwoman of the ESG Institute

Thought leader, award-winning author and respected international keynote speaker, Joanne Flinn has brought inspiration, insight, and action to audiences across countries and industries. Her deep experience enables her to share true insights about digital disruption, change and leadership. Her empathy and realism help people succeed in business and life. As the Chair of the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Institute, Joanne works with Chairman and CEOs of global entities to develop, scale and deploy sustainability strategies.

Denise Truong

Founder, Certified Trainer & Coach – TYDE Consulting

Denise has acquired the fundamentals of change management with a strong focus on human development in an international context. Certified by IDEO U, HarvardX and in the Process Communication Model®, she has trained teams across various industries from media to industrial factories in Vietnam. She conducts training programs of leadership, communication and management skills. Learner-centric, her training aims at solving conflicts and smoothening intercultural communication while keeping the internal harmony and ecology of her customers.

Denise was also invited as a special guest in TEDx Talk (Why Emotional Awareness to Solve Conflicts), Vietsuccess (NASA’s best skills to manage stress in your team), etc.

Le Thi Kim Anh

Vice President, Managing Director – Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR), Dynamic Consulting

Kim-Anh Le has a total of more than 30 years’ working experience, 15 years in senior management and exposure to human resources, production and sales. She has experience in both strategy and implementation of HR management, particularly in organisation restructure, developing performance management system, living up company culture, refining remuneration structures, implementing talent management and career development plans for high-potential employees.

Kim-Anh Le has delivered various consulting projects for foreign invested and local companies: Refining performance management system, developing competency framework, setting up assessment and development centre, outplacement of consulting services. She also conducted various workshops and talks related to change management. As a respected local HR practitioner, she has also been invited as guest speaker at several local and regional HR conferences / seminars (VNHR, Belux, HR Singapore, Samsung, AIA, JLT, etc).

Kim-Anh Le holds a Master of HR Management from USA and BS (Pharmacist) from the Medical & Pharmaceutical University of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, she also possesses various certificates related to Sales Management, Safety Management, as well as certified in human theories (DISC, Insight Discovery, Master Performance Consultant, NLP Practitioner, ODCP).

Le Thanh Nguyen An

CHRO – VinaCapital

Ms. An Le joined VinaCapital in 2008 after working for Li & Fung Group for six years and has been an integral part of the team for over 15 years. With 23 years of extensive experience in HR management, she holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Massey University, New Zealand, a Bachelor of Banking, and a Bachelor of English from Open University.

Ms. Le is a Certified Professional Coach who received a certificate from the Vietnam Coaching Institute. Ms. Le currently oversees both HR and administrative functions within the organisation. Her expertise lies in strategic HR planning, performance management, total rewards, and organisational and employee development. She is dedicated to delivering talent acquisition, retention and motivation solutions that contribute to the growth and development of our company’s most valuable asset – Our people. Ms. Le is committed to helping individuals reach their full potential.

Ngo Thanh Phong

Country Sales Manager Workforce Optimizer

A pioneer in the AI-powered workforce optimisation management solution space, Phong is the country sales manager at Workforce Optimizer in Vietnam.  He started his career as the quality controller at Bayer, logistics transformer at Zuellig Pharma and Schneider Electric, SAP project management at Friesland Campina before moving on to Country Manager at Honeywell Logistics Solutions for 4 years (a Fortune 100 software-industrial company).

With the passion in digital business transformation journey, Phong commits to delivering a high standard level of customer service, advanced and accessible solutions to help maximise the workforce productivity in enterprises.