How CHROs Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation

While many factors are continuing to challenge and transform the way organisations work, forward-looking leaders are already looking to devise innovative strategies that will allow their organisation to navigate the challenges and thrive in 2024.These include formulating key people strategies that will allow them to retain the best talent at a time when employees are deciding on their key priorities and planning for their next career moves. At this event, we will be covering the key trends and addressing the pressing topics on how organisations can build a culture of belonging and equity in the workplace and deploy innovative HR technologies to improve employee experience.  Join more than 150 CHROs in your country for high-level networking opportunity, sharing of best practices and learning the latest insights from renowned HR thought leaders to successfully develop your people and organisation strategies for 2024 and steer your organisation towards growth.

CHRO Malaysia




Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara,
6 Jalan Damalela, Bukit Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur 50490

10th July 2024

Aligning People with Business Strategy: Malaysia’s New HR Roadmap

To address the business and people challenges facing organisations, the National Human Resource Policy Framework was launched this May to provide guidelines to implement human capital development programmes in Malaysia.

As organisations in Malaysia embark on a new transformative journey to strengthen welfare, enhance skills, and elevate the success of the workforce, HRM Asia’s CHRO Malaysia 2024 will set the stage for CHROs in the country to come together to discuss key trends and develop strategies that will align their people with business goals to drive growth in 2024 and beyond.

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Shaping the Future of HR: Embracing Inclusion in the Malaysian Workforce

This keynote session will explore the transformative role of HR in the evolving Malaysian workforce, focusing on inclusion as key drivers of success.

The session will also delve into the importance of cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, providing strategies to promote diversity, address unconscious bias, and foster an inclusive culture that drives innovation.

Datuk Wira Shahul Dawood, Chief Executive, HRD Corp

Revolutionising Rewards: Elevating Employees’ Earning Potential through Strategic Upskilling and Wage Growth

Malaysia is facing a conundrum, as more skilled employees are choosing to work aboard in search of more attractive remuneration.

To strengthen its workforce with better career prospects and benefits, skills training can be a valuable tool for organisations. By embarking on a journey of continuous learning, employees can become more valuable assets to their employers, leading to potential promotions, salary increases, or access to higher-paying job opportunities.

In this session, find out how investing in upskilling can be a strategic way to improve employees’ earning power and career advancement opportunities.

Dr Murugappan, Chief Human Resources Officer, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

The Future of HR: Integrating Technology to Drive Business Performance in Malaysia

Join BIPO in this impactful session that explores the integration of predictive analytics, and cloud-based HR systems to enhance decision-making and workforce management. Gain insights to effectively implement these technologies, align with business strategies, and achieve measurable outcomes in 2024 and beyond.

Karen Lee, Managing Director Southeast Asia & Oceania, BIPO

Morning Tea Break
Leading in the Age of Gen AI: A Guide to Futurise, Humanise and Personalise

Embracing transformative technologies, such as AI and automation is not just a choice but a necessity to stay competitive and agile. Simultaneously, it is equally important for leaders to strike a delicate equilibrium, ensuring the infusion of human elements remains at the forefront of organisational strategies. Likewise, maintaining high levels of personalisation in learning initiatives and employee engagement remain paramount in nurturing a motivated and innovative workforce.

In this delicate dance between the future and the human touch, organisations and leaders must navigate the path to not only embrace innovation but also to cultivate an inclusive, engaging work culture powered by a hyper-contextualised learning engine.

Amandeep Singh Kohli, Chief Business Officer – Asia Pacific – KNOLSKAPE

Why a Sustainable Workplace Starts and End with People

To build a sustainable and equitable workforce, organisations need to ensure fair treatment and full participation of all employees, including underrepresented groups.

Opportunities also need to be created for all employees to thrive while ensuring that resources and practices are managed responsibly for long-term viability. This can include fair wages, equal access to training, and executed with a people-focused approach.

Moderator :

Mohamed Aslam Iqbal Mohamed, Head of Human Capital - Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB)

Panelists :

Shazmi Ali, Vice President HR - Malaysia, Shell

Sureash Kumar, HR Director - Asia & Middle East, Beckers Group

Monique Yong, Group Chief People Officer - Aonic Asia

Harnessing the Power of GenAI to Fuel Workforce Productivity and Augment Talent Transformation

The rapid advancement of GenAI technology has ushered in an era of unprecedented change, challenging traditional notions of work and the role of human employees with the potential to reshape the workforce landscape.

To realise the full potential and benefits of GenAI in driving business productivity and capability growth, blending operational gains with a people-first mindset and bringing a holistic, yet people-centred perspective to upskilling and reskilling amid a growing digital economy remains the game changer to building organisational resilience and creating sustainable value.

Join Coursera in this fireside chat as they demonstrate the importance of pairing GenAI capabilities with clear business purpose and reflecting how its usage can enhance the strategic, operational, and experiential realities of the future of work.

Eklavya Bhave, Head of Asia - Coursera

Junita Aziz, Head of Global Learning & Development – PETRONAS

Lunch Break and Networking
Transforming Leadership: Using People Analytics and Personality Insights to Drive Business Success

In navigating Malaysia's evolving workforce landscape, this presentation empowers CHROs to strategically harness people analytics and personality data for aligning leadership with business goals. By leveraging predictive analytics and understanding key personality characteristics, CHROs can adeptly select and develop leaders poised to drive organizational success.

Join this session to gain actionable insights on foundational people analytics, leadership alignment strategies, and overcoming common challenges, enhancing your effectiveness as a strategic HR leader.

Anne-Marie Paiement, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Hogan Assessment Systems

Lee Zhen Yi, Senior Manager, Asia, Optimal Consulting Group

Transcending Employee Wellbeing: Embracing a Culture of Engagement and Empathy

As transformative shifts continue to reshape the workplace, the holistic wellbeing of employees has become of critical importance for organisations.

To transcend beyond the traditional parameters of employee wellbeing, organisations must foster a supportive work environment that promotes mental health, work-life balance, professional development, and a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

This session will take a deep dive into how organisations can create a work culture that prioritises employee happiness and fulfilment.

Dato' Norashikin Ismail, Vice President of Human Resources, Asia - Synthomer

Building a People-Centric Culture of Recognition for the Modern Workforce

This high-impact thought leadership session will look at the importance of taking a people-centered approach to managing change, redefining empathy, and connecting with frontline employees.

Join Russell Flint from O.C. Tanner, the global leader in strengthening organisational culture through meaningful employee recognition, as he shares meaningful insights around culture change that include making the majority of an organisation’s workforce – ‘the 80%’ - feel seen and valued.

This includes turning empathy from a buzzword into an impactful, teachable practice for leaders, and redefining resilience as a key to more effectively managing change. Also, find out why integrating recognition into the everyday employee experience and aligning it to business goals is a critical driver of success, and what organisations can do to meet the needs and expectations of a multi-generational workforce.

Russell Flint, Director, Business Development APAC, O.C. Tanner

Afternoon Tea Break
The Impact of Technologies on Malaysia’s Job Market: Opportunities and Challenges

Technological advancements have had a profound impact on the job market, both creating and transforming roles.

While automation is replacing some jobs, it is also creating entirely new industries and job roles, particularly with the continued rise of AI. To thrive in today’s technology-driven world, adaption and upskilling are key to staying relevant.

This exclusive panel discussion examines how technologies are impacting Malaysia’s job market, and how employers and employees can respond to thrive in an evolving landscape.

Moderator :

Khim Tan, CHRO/Senior Leader of Banks, Fls & FMCG

Panelists :

Sulaxmi Prasad, Chief People Officer, Taylor's Education Group

Alvin Kanniah, HR Leader/Mentor & Speaker

Muhammad Imran Kunalan, Head of Human Resources, Westports Malaysia

Flexibility at Work: A Guide to Modern Workplace for Enhanced Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Flexible work arrangements, including remote work, flexible hours, and compressed workweeks offer numerous benefits for modern organisations. These arrangements can enhance productivity and job satisfaction by allowing employees to achieve a better work-life balance, reducing absenteeism, and attracting and retaining top talent.

However, implementing these arrangements presents challenges such as maintaining effective communication, adapting performance metrics, leveraging appropriate technology, and developing comprehensive policies. Discover how these challenges are highlighted in the session to ensure the successful integration of flexible work arrangements into the organisational strategy.

Moderator :

Malar Villi, Host - LIFA ( Leadership in Flow ASIA)

Speakers :

Shuhaibahtulaslamiah Hurmuzan, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, SME Bank

Mohamed Aslam Iqbal Mohamed, Head of Human Capital, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad(KTMB)


Monique Yong

Group Chief People Officer
Aonic Asia

Karen Lee

Managing Director - Southeast Asia & Oceania

Sureash Kumar

HR Director - Asia & Middle East
Beckers Group

Eklavya Bhave

Head of Asia

Khim Tan

CHRO/Senior Leader of Banks
Fls & FMCG

Malar Villi

LIFA (Leadership in Flow ASIA)

Anne-Marie Paiement

Regional Manager - Asia Pacific
Hogan Assessment Systems

Datuk Wira Shahul Dawood

Chief Executive
HRD Corp

Mohamed Aslam Iqbal Mohamed

Head of Human Capital
Keretapi Tanah Melayu Behad (KTMB)

Amandeep Singh Kohli

Chief Business Officer – Asia Pacific

Dr. Murugappan

Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

Russell Flint

Director - Business Development APAC
O.C. Tanner

Lee Zhen Yi

Senior Manager - Asia
Optimal Consulting Group

Junita Aziz

Head of Global Learning & Development

Shazmi Ali

VP HR SBO & Malaysia

Shuhaibahtulaslamiah Hurmuzan

Group Chief Human Capital Officer
SME Bank

Dato’ Norashikin Ismail

Vice President of Human Resources Asia

Sulaxmi Prasad

Chief People Officer
Taylor's Education Group

Muhammad Imran Kunalan bin Abdullah

Head Of Human Resources
Westports Malaysia

Alvin Kanniah

HR Leader - Mentor & Speaker






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Monique Yong

Group Chief People Officer – Aonic Asia

Monique Yong, the Managing Partner of PeoplePlus Asia Group, embodies a life dedicated to both corporate excellence and community empowerment. With a robust career spanning two decades in HR leadership across diverse industries, including renowned companies like Singapore Airlines and McDonald’s, Monique has accumulated invaluable experience in APAC and AMEA regions, exposing her to rich cultural diversity.

Her most recent role as Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Columbia Asia Group of Companies exemplified her strategic acumen, where she steered HR strategy aligning with the organization’s overarching goals. She additionally took the mantle of ESG leadership, emphasizing her commitment to corporate sustainability.

Monique’s drive extends beyond the boardroom. She passionately mentors and teaches B40 children, fostering their untapped potential and brighter futures. As a Major of the Malaysia Civil Defence Force, she is a dedicated officer in contributing to community safety in times of need and natural disasters.

Monique’s portfolio includes certifications as a Human Resources Development Fund Trainer and Psychometric Assessor, demonstrating her commitment to developing human capital. Her scuba diving instructorship underlines her passion for positively impacting lives.

Monique Yong’s biography stands as an inspiration to leaders, showcasing an exemplary blend of corporate success and unwavering dedication to community and talent development.

Karen Lee

Managing Director – Southeast Asia & Oceania – BIPO

Karen brings over two decades of business leadership experience, excelling in driving growth, optimising profitability, and fostering high-performing teams.

Her expertise spans multinational corporations and mid-sized enterprises across diverse markets.

Passionate about the HR and HRTech industries, Karen leverages her expertise and experience to deliver outstanding customer experiences and achieve sustainable results. She is a strategic leader dedicated to value creation through strategic planning and operational excellence.

An avid runner who has participated in multiple marathons, Karen is a global citizen who now calls Singapore home. Originally from Hong Kong, Karen is also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Sureash Kumar

HR Director – Asia & Middle East – Beckers Group

Sureash has HRM experience in leadership and regional roles across Asia-Pacific. His experience was acquired across various industries that includes banking, automobile, semiconductor and chemical. Sureash has undertaken roles to transform and drive changes for organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Asia-Pacific region.

He is experienced in setting-up Center of Excellence and Corporate structures. In his work experience, he has also worked in state owned entities, local conglomerates and MNC’s to support organization objectives towards growth, IPO, successful start-ups, business turn-around and merger/acquisitions.

In his professional career Sureash has lived and worked in the China (Beijing) and Singapore for over 8 years. He has also traveled and worked extensively across APAC, Middle East region and Europe.

Sureash is currently the HR Director for Asia and Middle East for Becker’s Group and is based in Malaysia. In his current tenure, he has led sustainability and people initiatives in the region focusing on diversity, engagement and employee well-being.

Eklavya Bhave

Head of Asia – Coursera

Eklavya Bhave is an experienced business and technology executive. He currently serves as Head of Asia in Coursera. He leads a team that is committed to providing equal access to the world’s best education. His responsibilities include driving sales and GTM strategy for Coursera’s enterprise business in the Asia Pacific region. This includes working closely with enterprises and universities in the region.

Eklavya has close to two decades of experience in sales and business development in the technology space. He has held leadership positions in companies, such as Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. Prior to Coursera, Eklavya was the Head of Channels & Alliances for South Asia for Citrix. In this role, he was responsible for building and executing business strategy for the region by leading cross functional teams. Eklavya is an Engineering graduate with a Masters in Management.

Khim Tan

CHRO/Senior Leader of Banks – Fls & FMCG

Khim has 30 years of extensive experience in Human Capital Management, specialising in talent management, leadership development, and organisational effectiveness. She has held senior roles encompassing various sectors including banking, insurance, stockbroking, international professional services, consulting, information technology, fast-moving consumer goods, and financial retailing across local and Asia-Pacific region, covering 14 countries. Her latest C-suite role was serving as the Group Chief Human Resource Officer of Alliance Bank.

Khim has demonstrated her capabilities in various organisational settings, including large multinational corporations, public-listed companies, and local conglomerates including Alliance Bank, AIA Malaysia, British American Tobacco, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Maybank and TA Enterprise.

She is an accomplished leader and a passionate coach, instrumental in transforming and fortifying HR and business teams while nurturing critical talent pools and succession pipelines, including C-suite executives, in the last few organisations she has served. With her progressive mindset, she developed strategies, introducing best practices and reshaping talent management, learning and leadership interventions to enhance competence and engagement of different levels of employees. Additionally, she has streamlined rewards practices to catalyse business growth. Khim has spearheaded numerous initiatives, ranging from HR digital transformation and change management for business transformation to cultural integration, M&A integration, and sustainability agenda.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership, driving her team to win Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards at prestigious HR Excellence and Employee Experience Award competitions.

Khim holds a Master of Business Administration from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. She is an International Coach Federation (ICF)-certified Coach, Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach, a designated mentor with FutureLab and AsiaHRM as well as a certified Hogan and DiSC practitioner.

She was recognised as the Top 40 Most Influential HR Leaders/Icons in Malaysia, Economics Times HRWorld, Feb 2024, “100 Most Influential HR Leaders from South East Asia”, Economic Times HRWorld, March 2023 and as the 40 Most Influential HR Leaders Across South East Asia by Peoplehum.com, March 2022.

Malar Villi

Host – LIFA (Leadership in Flow ASIA)

Malar is fascinated by the discovery of the complex self in a simple way. So, every day she aspires to share and turn her simple thoughts, ways and beliefs about emotional intelligence into practical applications for individuals to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life. She has been delivering training experiences at all levels for the last 20 years across numerous industries.

Malar’s passion in the area of human behaviour and values has allowed her to spawn positive change in individuals comfortably with the intervention of emotional intelligence, her area of expertise. Her approach to delivering training experience is to undertake thorough insights from both employers and employee to then, take their challenges and to drive their passion in their willingness to make a different on a daily basis. Malar Villi aspires to bring about awareness in whole-being wellness that can bridge one’s personal and professional life.

Anne-Marie Paiement

Regional Manager – Asia Pacific – Hogan Assessment Systems

Anne-Marie Paiement is the Regional Manager – Asia Pacific at Hogan Assessments. She concentrates on expanding Hogan’s brand and facilitating the growth of Hogan’s business for distributors in the Asia Pacific area. In addition, she serves as a subject matter expert and contributes to global discussions on cross-cultural leadership, diversity and inclusion, talent development and psychometric assessments.

Prior to joining Hogan, Anne-Marie gained consulting experience where she designed and implemented global talent management strategies and initiatives to promote leadership development, cross-cultural team acceleration and employee engagement. She holds a PhD in Industrial-Organisational Psychology from the University of Montreal, Canada.

Datuk Wira Shahul Dawood

Chief Executive – HRD Corp

Datuk Wira Shahul Dawood is the Chief Executive of Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources responsible to the nation’s talent development aspirations.

Well known for his entrepreneurial acumen and corporate experience of more than 25 years, he led the organisation through a massive transformation in a short span of less than 3 years. This was marked by the rebranding HRDF to HRD Corp in December 2021 and the biggest expansion of the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001, which now covers employers in 18 sectors and 238 subsectors.

Under his leadership, HRD Corp also introduced a number of new stakeholder-friendly policies that are geared towards strengthening the organisation’s speed, agility and transparency. He also took HRD Corp through its digital and human capital transformation initiatives in the last three years.

Besides his achievement in his career, he is also widely known to be actively involved in various non profit organisations and mentoring social entrepreneurs. His involvement in these organisations allow him to contribute back to the society.

Mohamed Aslam Iqbal Mohamed

Head of Human Capital – Keretapi Tanah Melayu Behad (KTMB)

Mohamed Aslam holds a Bachelors’ degree in Management from Arkansas State University USA and bring more than 33 years’ experience in regional Human Capital in consulting, manufacturing, transportation, oil & gas, and banking industries to name a few. Passionate in people transformation, disrupt organizational structure and new human capital intervention. He has lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dubai, UAE and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with companies like Sony, Seagate, Haliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Al Rajhi, Sapura Energy, Malaysia Development Bank and is currently the Head Human Capital with Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or the Malaysia National Railway Company.

Amandeep Singh Kohli

Chief Business Officer – Asia Pacific – KNOLSKAPE

Aman has recently joined KNOLSKAPE as the Chief Business Officer to lead the Asia Pacific business. With a rich professional journey spanning over 16 years, he comes with a wealth of experience as a seasoned leader in the realms of EdTech, SaaS and all things tech-related.

Prior to joining KNOLSKAPE, Aman’s last stint was at Coursera as their Regional Sales Director, heading their corporate and government business. He has previously worked with high growth companies like iimjobs.com in India, leading their sales and customer success verticals while also spearheading multinational initiatives with global giants, such as 3M and Philips.

Dr. Murugappan

CHRO – Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

Dr. Murugappan is an advocate of value translation and worked with multinational corporations (MNCs) from diverse sectors as well as the public sector with a career span of 30 years to date.

Became a researcher, thinker, teacher, and guide by choice. Continuously polishing the leadership traits in him. A lifelong learner, having specific interest in digital leadership, evidence-based management (EBM), people analytics, total rewards strategy, human capital financial statement, project management and process improvement.

He focuses on organizational leadership and strategic people practices adding value to both customers and investors. This is facilitated by developing leaders, creating better solutions, and co-creating people centered holistic, and end user initiatives. Leading self and organization to awards and accolades locally and globally for good people management practices.

Authored and published a book and articles in academic and industry journals. He is appointed to few Industry Advisory Panel in local public and private universities namely APU, UTM, IMU for their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Pro-bono works with underprivileged children, youths and NGOs specifically focusing on young talent development and embracing a thinking mindset.

His current work attempts to look at leadership through the eyes and expectations of investors in this digital age. This is supported by his research findings through the Digital Transformation Leadership Black Box (DTLBB), where he validated the previously asserted presuppositions of different types of digital transformations via a new introduction to phases of transformation.

Russell Flint

Director – Business Development APAC – O.C. Tanner

Since joining O.C. Tanner from the financial services sector in 2007, Russell has lived its purpose of helping people thrive at work. With an extensive business development and leadership background, he has partnered with some of Australia’s largest organisations, helping them drive positive organisational change with strategic, meaningful recognition.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russell-flint/

Lee Zhen Yi

Senior Manager – Asia – Optimal Consulting Group

LEE Zhen Yi is Senior Manager, Asia at Optimal Consulting Group Pte Ltd. She holds a BSc in Psychology from University College London and an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from the London School of Economics.

Her specialization in industrial, work, and organizational psychology aids her role at Optimal, where she excels in business development and client services, consulting, and research in Singapore and Japan.

With 10 years at Optimal, she has successfully delivered consulting projects and managed research initiatives across the Asia Pacific region. Zhen Yi also facilitates the Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop and is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Junita Aziz

Head of Global Learning & Development, PETRONAS

Junita Aziz is the Head of Global Learning & Development of Group Human Resource Management, PETRONAS since 1st December 2021. She graduated with a Bachelor of Chemistry from University of Iowa, United States of America. Currently, she is pursuing her career aspiration as a talent development specialist.

With 28 years of work experience in PETRONAS, Junita has had various working experiences and leadership roles as a chemist, system analyst, brand management, business development, sales and operations, strategy and planning and human capital development. Her involvement in Group HR provided the opportunities to innovate leadership solutions for senior leaders creating impact to business results, for top talent under ‘Redefining Talent Development’ corporate initiative, develop learning strategies for critical business needs, rollout digital learning in PETRONAS to make learning flexible – “Learn anytime, anywhere”, revamp fundamentals of Career & Capability under Embarc project, and the implementation of new hybrid learning operating models for groupwide.

Today, as PETRONAS pursue its business strategy into core and growth areas, Junita leads Global Learning & Development as the custodian of PETRONAS Learning & Development guidelines and processes, including learning platforms and ensuring talent and leaders are empowered, agile and enabled via the mission statement: “Empowering talents and teams to achieve their full potential and unlock business results through holistic solutions and self-driven learning culture”.

Junita is currently a member of several strategic decision-making platforms to continuously redefine talent development efforts in PETRONAS via Human Resource Capability Committee, Business Skill Group Advisory Council, PETRONAS Leadership Centre Committee and Human Capital Development Leadership Team.

Shazmi Ali

VP HR SBO & Malaysia – Shell

Shazmi Ali is currently the Country VP HR for Shell Malaysia (and newly appointed as VP HR SBO & Malaysia, effective July 2024) and is based in Kuala Lumpur. He is also a Board of Director at Shell People Services Asia and plays the role of Chairman of the Shell Board of Trustees for the Shell Malaysia Scholarship Trust. He is responsible for overall HR in Malaysia – which has more than 4500 employees across Upstream, Downstream, Integrated Gas and Shell Business Operations.

Prior to joining Shell in 2018, he was the Cluster Lead-South East Asia for Pfizer in Singapore. Beyond work, Shazmi is an active speaker and leader of the Malaysia HR Leaders Community.

Shazmi is blessed with 3 kids and loves spending time with them. Shazmi is also an active Touch Rugby player and will be representing Malaysia at The Touch Rugby World Cup in Nottingham, UK in July 2024. He remains an Adjunct Professor at two distinguished business schools in Malaysia and is an active speaker at various HR conferences in Asia Pacific including the Middle East.

Shuhaibahtulaslamiah Hurmuzan

Group Chief Human Capital Officer – SME Bank

Puan Shu is an MBA graduate from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia in 2009. She has also previously completed her bachelor’s degree and diploma educations at a local university. She carries with her a total of 29 years of working experience, of which over 22 years was in a senior management capacity including at regional level.

Prior to joining SME Bank, Puan Shu was a General Manager of Human Resource & Corporate Services in one of the leading financial institutions in Malaysia that specialises in Insurance. She was accountable for the areas of human resources, property, procurement and logistics. Her previous work experiences cover the full spectrum of human capital development and management in various multinational companies and industries such as electronic, manufacturing, research & development, as well as retail.

Dato’ Norashikin Ismail

Vice President of Human Resources Asia – Synthomer

Dato’ Norashikin Ismail is a Vice President of Human Resources Asia in Synthomer, one of the world’s leading supplier of lattices and specialty emulsion polymers. She is responsible for overall HR Functions in Asia in Synthomer and is appointed as one of the Board of Directors for Synthomer and its subsidiaries in Malaysia.

With more than 35 years of experience in Human Resources, Dato’ Norashikin possesses a sterling performance track record in Strategic HR, Talent Development, HR Transformation, Total Rewards, Employee Relations and Employee Engagement. She is recognized as a ‘change agent’ within the organisation where significant changes have been made and continue to be made.

She has been instrumental in driving positive organizational change and has proudly led her team in Synthomer to win many coveted Awards to name a few Human Resources Minister Awards, Excellence in Talent Management and Leadership Award, Employer of Choice, Highly Commendable Training and Development Award, Best Malaysia Brand Award

For her remarkable contributions in HR and exemplary leadership, Dato Norashikin beat several top-notch personnel from leading multi-national companies to be awarded the HR Leader of the Year twice in the year 2011 and 2018 by Malaysia Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM). She was also awarded for her contributions for HR Community in Asia from Asia HRD.

Sulaxmi Prasad

Chief People Officer – Taylor’s Education Group

Sulaxmi Prasad is the Chief People Officer of Taylor’s Education Group. Taylor’s Education Group is a leading education company comprising several K-12 schools and higher education institutions in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. She has extensive experience building and evangelizing people solutions for large to mid-size and high growth companies. She has a strong track record of creating and scaling centres of competence for multiple organizations across both global and regional remits.

Prior to joining Taylor’s Group, Sulaxmi has spent almost 13 years with companies like Infosys Technologies, Agoda Services, Digi Telecommunications, Herbalife Nutrition and most recently Zalora, building and delivering solutions in the space of Total Rewards, Talent Management and HR Technology. Sulaxmi has also had two stints with HR consulting – with Mercer in the early part of her career as a Management Trainee and later with Willis Towers Watson as a Practice Leader for the Global Data Services business in Malaysia. She completed her MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business prior to which she completed her Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science. She is a strong proponent of experimentation, empowering teams and use of data, design-thinking and behavioural science to build cutting-edge solutions. She is also a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.

Muhammad Imran Kunalan bin Abdullah

Head Of Human Resources – Westports Malaysia

Imran is the Head of Human Resources at Westports Malaysia. He has more than 30 years experience in the human capital development field as a HR generalist, HR subject matter expert and HR Consultant. His HR practitioner career span across multiple organization such as KFC Holdings (QSR), HSBC and British American Tobacco. He also assumed HR Managing Consultant role at KPMG and Accenture. He served as the Director of Talent Division at MDEC overseeing the digital talent development initiates for the Malaysian ICT industry. He established the K-Worker Development Centre which focused on Digital Talent development with industry partnership. He initialed the development of the Malaysian ICT Skills Competency Metrics and championed the ICT Industry Skills and Manpower Demand Study which is referenced. He was also employed as Talent Development Consultant by Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen. Imran is also a subject matter expert on Human Capital Metrics & Benchmarking and obtained formal training from PWC-Saratoga Institute in London. He was a guest Expert Panel Member of the European Union e-Skills based in Brussels, Belgium. He obtained International Recognition on HR Excellence from Times Accent in Mumbai (2017) & Bangalore (2009). Imran is a certified PROSCI Change Management Practitioner

Alvin Kanniah

HR Leader – Mentor & Speaker

Alvin Kanniah is a experienced HR Leader, Mentor, and Speaker with over 20 years of diverse experience, including human resources.

Alvin’s passion for the HR profession was ignited by his interest in understanding the core of organizational success: its people. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in HR Management from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Alvin firmly believes in the principle, “Great leaders create more leaders.” Committed to lifelong learning, he has consistently mentored and positively influenced the careers of emerging leaders in various organizations.

Through his involvement with the Impian Kencana organization, Alvin extends his mentorship to secondary school students from challenging backgrounds, guiding them to approach life with renewed confidence and optimism.

Joanne Flinn

Chairwoman of the ESG Institute

Thought leader, award-winning author and respected international keynote speaker, Joanne Flinn has brought inspiration, insight, and action to audiences across countries and industries. Her deep experience enables her to share true insights about digital disruption, change and leadership. Her empathy and realism help people succeed in business and life. As the Chair of the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Institute, Joanne works with Chairman and CEOs of global entities to develop, scale and deploy sustainability strategies.

Kris Wadia

CEO of Humanized Leadership

Kris Wadia is the CEO of Humanized Leadership. He focuses on putting human beings, not processes or technology, at the core of any business that wishes to be successful. A former Partner at Accenture, with global experience across multiple industry verticals, his career journey has spanned over 70 countries. Most recently, Kris was a keynote speaker on ‘Habitual Hybrid Leadership’ for the UK’s Centre for Army Leadership, with a world-wide audience of over 6,000 attendees.

Jonathan Cheung

CEO of the ESG Institute and ASEAN Development Advisor Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

Jonathan Cheung comes to the helm of the ESG Institute with over 37 years of leadership experience in 20 countries across the Asia Pacific region, North America, and Europe. His deep expertise in business, procurement and supply chain are uniquely situated to help organisations successfully tackle scope 3 emissions and improve value chains.

Jonathan brings invaluable expertise, collaborative muscle and big-picture vision to the ESG Institute through his external role as the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) ASEAN Development Advisor and his commercial acumen developed while the Executive Director/Regional Head of Citibank Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Services as well as his years at EDS, American Express, PwC Consulting, CAPCO, HP, and KPMG.

He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS); a licensed CIPS Procurement Excellence Programme assessor for Asia, and a Chartered IT Professional (CITP). He is also an Exco member of The Supply Chain Asia (SCA) Procurement Council.