How CHROs Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation

While many factors are continuing to challenge and transform the way organisations work, forward-looking leaders are already looking to devise innovative strategies that will allow their organisation to navigate the challenges and thrive in 2024.These include formulating key people strategies that will allow them to retain the best talent at a time when employees are deciding on their key priorities and planning for their next career moves. At this event, we will be covering the key trends and addressing the pressing topics on how organisations can build a culture of belonging and equity in the workplace and deploy innovative HR technologies to improve employee experience.  Join more than 150 CHROs in your country for high-level networking opportunity, sharing of best practices and learning the latest insights from renowned HR thought leaders to successfully develop your people and organisation strategies for 2024 and steer your organisation towards growth.

CHRO Philippines



Wednesday 21st February 2024 | Hotel - Discovery Primea

6749 Ayala Ave, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila, Philippines
Cervantes and Shakespeare Ballroom

Opening Keynote Address

In her opening keynote address, Carmela Ilustre-Torres, Undersecretary of the Employment and Human Resource Development Cluster, Philippine Department of Labour and Employment will be giving an update on the labour market in the Philippines, as well as an overview of the key trends and developments in the Philippines’ labour and talent market.

Carmela Ilustre-Torres, Undersecretary of the Employment and Human Resource Development Cluster, Philippine Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE)

Unleashing Leadership Potential for a Diverse and Inclusive Philippine Work Culture

This presentation takes attendees on a dynamic journey through the evolving world of leadership in the modern Philippine workplace. Dr Virgel C. Binghay, Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Co-Founding Member, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Philippines, will unravel the intricate tapestry of leadership, diversity, and inclusion – essential components in today’s corporate realm. He will delve into the unique leadership landscape of the Philippines, spotlighting how these elements are revolutionizing how organisations operate.

Dr Binghay will also dive into the world of high-potential leaders. What makes them tick? He will explore their hallmark traits all through the lens of Filipino culture and uncover the secrets to identifying these future leaders using a blend of assessments, performance metrics, and insightful feedback, all while navigating the unique cultural intricacies and challenges of the Philippines.

Finally, Dr Binghay will transition to the crucial role of workplace diversity, exploring essential leadership skills and innovative training programmes, concluding with strategic plans for fostering lasting diversity and inclusion in the Philippine workforce.

Dr Virgel C. Binghay, Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Co-Founding Member, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Philippines

Harnessing The Full Potential of Today’s Modern Workforce

Are today’s organisations truly maximising the potential of their workforce?

Organisations face a growing complexity crisis, fuelled by rapidly changing workforce dynamics and a fluid compliance landscape. Leaders are still grappling with pandemic workforce challenges, while navigating new ones stemming from the current business climate. Amid these challenges, there is a moment for opportunity for organisations to embrace this new reality and conquer complexity so their people and businesses can thrive.

In this session, we will cover these complexities and how leaders can mobilise their workforce, boost performance, engage their people, and build a stronger culture amid constant change.

Matthew Kane, VP, Solutions Advisory, APJ, Dayforce

Joshua Ooi, Senior Manager, Solutions Advisory, Dayforce

Morning Tea Break
[PANEL DISCUSSION] Applying Human Development at Work: What Are the Criteria for Success, And Who Is Leading the Way

To create a human development (HD) function, employers need to define its purpose, design the organisation and understand the metrics to measure HD.

While more organisations are investing in their people, many still lack the tools and knowledge to succeed with their HD strategies. In this panel discussion, hear real-world examples of how leading employers have implemented winning strategies to apply HD across their organisations.


Dr Virgel Binghay, Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Co-Founding Member, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Philippines


Danreb Oira, Head of Human Resources, Zuellig Pharma

Wilma Estaura, Group Director of Human Resources, Ayala Hotels and Resorts

Aiza Torreda, Planning Officer, Office for Alternative Dispute and Resolution, Justice Department, The Philippines

Happy Employees, Happy Organisations: Strategies to Win the War for Talent

The global war for talent is real and this is compounded by the fact that employees are now reassessing their career decisions.

By focusing on the basic elements of happiness, organisations can heighten employee morale, strengthen loyalty, mitigate turnover risks, and create a compelling and productive environment that will make employees stay and thrive.

Join this session to find out how the Oben Group of Toyota Dealerships is creating a joyful workplace by supporting the three facets of happiness: Pleasure, Passion, and Purpose, and how this is empowering employees to be engaged, creative, and collaborative to support enhanced overall team performance.

Michelle Sabillo, Vice-President for Human Resources, Oben Group of Toyota Dealerships

Lunch and Networking
Challenges of the New HR Paradigm for HR leaders in ASEAN

The purpose, scope, and function of HR in organisations is fundamentally changing, bringing about new paradigms of people and work. In this session, Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO), will discuss the challenges facing CHROs in ASEAN in this fundamental paradigm shift. He will also describe a roadmap for leaders to shift their organisations to the new reality of people and work in the fast-growing ASEAN economy.

Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)

[FIRESIDE CHAT] Future Forward: Unveiling HR Trends For 2024

Modern HR is at the forefront of navigating a dynamic workplace landscape in 2024. As organisational agility and employee experience continue to redefine the parameters of productivity, it is imperative for HR professionals to harness the power of emerging trends. From embracing cutting-edge HR technologies to fostering skill development and making strategic, business-driven decisions, HR needs to lead the charge in shaping the future of work.

A recent research initiative conducted by Darwinbox has delved into the pulse of HR trends for 2024 across the Asia Pacific region. The findings from this comprehensive study, involving insights from over 2000 HR practitioners and feedback from 1200+ employees, provide a strategic roadmap for HR leaders seeking to transform their talent practices in the coming year.

This exclusive session will explore and discuss the implications of these trends and highlight strategies for achieving long-term talent success against the backdrop of rapidly evolving HR dynamics.

Vikrant Khanna, Global Head – Value Management, Advisory & Solutions, Darwinbox

Maria Virginia Eala, CHRO, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Unlocking Cultural Transformation: Shifting Mindsets and Empowering Change

This session navigates the intricate pathways of change management, emphasising the pivotal role of mindset in shaping organisational culture. By unlocking the potential of individuals and fostering a culture of empowerment, organisations can navigate through the complexities of transformational change with resilience and agility. Through shared insights and strategies, this discourse illuminates the transformative power of cultural evolution in driving sustainable growth and innovation within organisations.

Shilpi Jaiswal, HR Director, Regional Head HR, NICE Philippines

Afternoon Tea Break
Implementing Regenerative HR: Strategies and Best Practices in Building Regenerative Organisations

Sustainability is not enough. With Regeneration as the next wave of sustainability, HR leaders are now expected to transition to a Business Driver role by co-piloting the transformation of organisations towards becoming both Regenerative and Sustainable at the same time.

Jun Roy, a leading voice on Regenerative HR in the Philippines, will share practical strategies and best practices on how to implement Regenerative HR as a new operating model for HR leaders to champion.

Jun Roy, OD Consulting Head of Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Manila

Aligning AI With Employees to Reshape the Workplace

While AI is helping leaders to make data-driven HR choices and driving workforce transformation, it is also causing disruption that is reshaping the employer and employee relationship.

This session will discuss why it is critical for organisations to understand the impact of AI on their employees, and how they can leverage this technology transformation to impact areas such as employee experience and wellbeing.

Michelle Cordero-Garcia, CHRO, Sun Life

[PANEL DISCUSSION] Elevating Work: How Organisations Can Create High-Performing Workforces In 2024

As CHROs continue to reimagine their HR strategies to create meaningful impact for their organisations and employees, this panel discussion examines the key workforce and people trends that organisations in the Philippines need to pay attention to in 2024.

It will offer insights into the tools that CHROs can leverage to drive successful transformation initiatives and sustainable growth with motivated and high-performing employees.


Darwin Rivers, Founder and CEO, Philippines HR Group


Theresa Llamas, CHRO, Newport World Resorts

Maylene Benitez, Head of HR, Continental Global Business Service

Oliver Requilman, Adjunct Professor, Far Eastern University

Closing Remarks








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Aiza Torreda

Planning Officer, Office for Alternative Dispute and Resolution, Justice Department, The Philippines

Aiza Torreda is driven by a profound sense of public service and a true ardor for education. Her dedication to various fields is evident in her diverse roles as a public servant, educator, realtor, qualified mediator, and human rights consultant.

Aiza’s commitment to lifelong learning and professional development goes far beyond her undergraduate degree. Shepursued further education and certifications to expand her knowledge and expertise. Aiza completed her Master’s in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and passed the comprehensive exam last 2019. In the same year, she also earned her Executive Diploma in Real Estate Management at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde and passed the licensure exam for both Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal. She further deepened her knowledge by studying Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership at the Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) and investing in various online courses on Financial Markets, Fintech, Organizational Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, and Risk Management. Currently, she is pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and a Global Master in Business Management at the Asian Institute of Management and University of Western Australia.

Aiza’s dedication to professional growth is further demonstrated through her numerous certifications and scholarships. She was a recipient of the ADBI Scholarship for the Cambridge Digital Assets for Regulators (CDAR) Programme and proposed a paper for ADR in Digital Assets. As a staunch advocate for financial literacy, Aiza also holds certifications in Financial Planning and Wealth Management FPWMTM and FinTech Industry Professional FTIPTM. Her expertise extends to certifications areas such as Certified Financial Management Professional CFMP®, Certified Forensic Accountant CrFP®, Certified Risk Analyst CRATM, Certified Internal Quality Auditor, and Diplomate of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Aiza has also been granted a scholarship from the Asean Human Development Organization (AHDO) program and has been awarded grants and participated in courses on policy reform and cybersecurity training funded by the US Embassy in the Philippines through Women’s Alliance for Security and Peace (WASP) and the Australian Embassy in the Philippines through the Asia Foundation.

With over 13 years of professional experience, Aiza has held significant roles in both the public and private sectors. She started her government career as Administrative and Finance Head of the Project Management Office for the flagship program of the Department of Interior and Local Government. She later served as the Financial and Management Officer for various road priority projects under the Department of Transportation. Aiza’s involvement with Decentralization and Constitutional Reform had led her to hold key positions as Federalism Member (Project Adviser), as well as Administrative and Finance Unit Head and Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Head both in concurrent capacity.

Currently, Aiza is connected to the Office for Alternative Dispute Resolution under the Department of Justice, where she handles the oversight functions and serves as a member of the BAC TWG Group and Internal Auditor for the ISO Quality Management System (QMS).

Dr. Bob Aubrey

Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)

Dr Bob Aubrey is the Founder of the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) and Chair of its Advisory Board. He is also Chairman of the Human Development Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

Bob Aubrey has led an esteemed and varied career as business consultant, entrepreneur, writer and teacher. He has lived in USA, Europe, China and Singapore and his work has taken him to more than 25 countries across 6 continents.

As a leadership expert he designed the 2020 award-winning programme for Pertamina in Indonesia, the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. He has been lead consultant for Apple’s first corporate university outside the US as well talent development designs for major multinationals in Europe and Asia.  As a business school professor, he has taught leadership, talent development and personal development in France, China, Australia and Singapore.

As a writer, he has published 12 books translated into 9 languages on the theme of leadership, learning, human development and the future of work. His most recent books, published by McGraw Hill, are Human Development Careers: Leading the Future of Work (2020), Leading Human Development in ASEAN (2019), Measure of Man (2015); Creating Aspirational Leaders (2013) and Managing Your Aspirations (2010). He has written numerous influential studies and white papers for international organizations.

Darwin Rivers

Founder and CEO, Philippines HR Group

Has more than Twenty (20) years of progressive professional leadership and management experience in the BPO/IT/Shared Services Industries, both in Operations Management and Human Capital Management.

Multiple experiences in setting-up the HR Department in start-up companies (Both local and international).

Work exposure in partnering and working with Regional HR POC’s across the US, Canada, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific Region.

Founder and  President of the Philippines HR Group – the Largest PH On-line Community of HR Professionals in Facebook (More than 300,000 On-line Members as of May 2023).

Founder and CEO of PHILHRG Inc. – a Non-Stock, Not-for-Profit Organization advancing the HR Profession in the Philippines.

Motivational Speaker/Resource Person / Public Speaker/Blogger.

Has been featured in different media (Print, TV & Radio)  like CNN,ABS-CBN, GMA 7, Inquirer, Philippine Star , Manila Bulletin, Rappler , Esquire Magazine etc.

Currently VP-HR for Global HR Operations for a Global BPO Company.

Degree in Behavioral Science major In Sociology at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Diploma in Industrial Relations at the University of the Philippines – SOLAIR.

Diploma in International Human Resource Management.

Executive Diploma in Managerial Psychology.

Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute (USA).

Certified Human Resource Professional and Certified Professional Manager from International Federation of Professional Managers (UK).

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (Australia).

Six-Sigma Green Belt Certified (USA).

Ma. Theresa Llamas

Chief People Officer, EVP
Travellers International Hotel Group Inc.

Terri Llamas is a seasoned Human Resources Executive with more than thirty (30) years of proven experience in Human Resources Management gained across regional and global leadership roles in Talent Acquisition, Manpower Planning, Organizational Development, Talent Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits Administration, Labor and Industrial Relations.

Having worked with multicultural teams and leading the strategic HR operations of a number of notable local and international companies in the customer service-related industry such as Newport World Resorts, Okada Manila, Star Cruises, Pure Jatomi Fitness, Robinsons Retail Group, Fitness First,  Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and Manila Mandarin Hotel  made it much clearer for her that  all companies are in the people business. As she currently leads a workforce of more than 5,000 employees as the Chief Human Resources Officer of Newport World Resorts, she always keeps in mind to put them at the heart of the organization and engage them through their minds and hearts to create an outstanding employee experiences.

Terri has recently won the Best HR Leader in Asia awarded during the HR Fest Awards 2023 help in Singapore organized by HRM Asia. Another accolade she has earned is the Top Most HR Leader in Asia given out last August 14 in Singapore.

Prof. Dr. Virgel C. Binghay

Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Co-Founding Member, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Philippines

Prof. Dr. Binghay is a faculty member at the School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines (UP), with the highest faculty rank, where he teaches graduate students, mostly HR professionals, about various facets of strategic people management at the workplace and societal levels. Likewise, he is the institution’s concurrent Quality Assurance Officer. Apart from academic teaching, he serves as the Center for Industry Productivity and Competitiveness Director and as an Arbitrator handling labor cases at the National Conciliation and Mediation Board of the Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment.

Before venturing into academia, Prof. Dr. Binghay held the Chief HR position in several private organizations in the Philippines. His contributions to the HR field have earned him the respect of HR practitioners and academics as one of the Philippines’ leading HR Thought Leaders. He is widely recognized for his expertise in Strategic HR, Total Rewards, Organizational Strategy, and Development. As a Sociocultural Anthropologist, Prof. Dr. Binghay bridges the gaps betweencorporate sub-cultures, further enhancing organizational capabilities and innovation as a Behavioral Trainer.

Prof. Dr. Binghay has been at the forefront of organizational development and transformation for almost four decades. With a storied career from 1984, he has become a cornerstone in the field, offering a range of dynamic and impactful interventions to an impressive portfolio of over 450 clients as their consultant. His expertise is not just limited to one sector; he has profoundly influenced private and public realms across industries.

Prof. Dr. Binghay has been a guiding light for countless professionals throughout his illustrious journey. From eager workers at the onset of their careers to seasoned supervisors, from innovative managers to top-tier executives, his learning and development sessions have been a crucible for leadership and professional growth. His programs are not just training sessions; they are transformative experiences that have shaped the careers of thousands.

As an author, he contributed books and articles aimed at helping to enrich the scholarly landscape. Prof. Dr. Binghay was Chair of the Research Committee of the People Management Association of the Philippines, and he has been a Co-Investigator of Fairwork, a global research led by the University of Oxford. Throughout his academic career, Prof. Dr. Binghay has been a fervent presenter at international conferences in the Philippines, Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Timor Leste, Portugal, Brunei, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Hongkong, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Peru, Russia, Myanmar, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, USA, Taiwan, Macau, South Africa, Netherlands, Thailand, United Kingdom, Maldives, and Vietnam.

He is a sought-after subject matter expert on TV and radio shows. He received several accolades, including the HR Leadership Award from the World HR Congress, the International Publications Award, the One UP Professorial Chair Award, the UP-Faculty Grant Award, the Diamond Jubilee Professorial Chair Award, Best Alumni Award in the field of Labor Education and Research, among others. He is also a member of the prestigious Pi Gamma Mu and several professional organizations, including the ASEAN Human Development Organization (AHDO).

Wilma Moran-Estaura

Group Director of Human Resources, AyalaLand Hotels and Resorts Corporation

Wilma Moran – Estaura is a Certified Human Resource Executive, Certified Hospitality Trainer, Certified Hospitality Educator, and Certified Guest Service Professional from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

She is the Group Director of Human Resources at AyalaLand Hotels and Resorts Corporation.  She oversees and leads the entire Human Resource Management of twelve (12) Seda Hotels, four (4) El Nido Resorts, four (4) Lio Resort Tourism Development and Sicogon resorts. She also oversights functions for branded hotels of Ayala Hotels, namely Holiday Inn and Suites, Fairmont, and Raffles. In 2014 – 2016, Ms. Wilma was the Vice President of Human Resources in City of Dreams. She was incharge of the integrated entertainment complex – with three (3) international hotel brands (Crown, Nobu, and Hyatt hotels), including 22 restaurants, entertainment department including DreamPlay by DreamWorks and the entire casino operations. She has a lot of experience in the field of human resources including Director of Human Resources at Edsa Shangri-La, Manila Hotel from 2004-2011, Director of Human Resources and Training at Oakwood Premier Ayala Center from 2001-2004, Director of Human Resources at Hyatt Regency Manila Hotel from 1999-2001, and Assistant Director of Human Resources at The Peninsula Manila Hotel from 1994-1999. She was also a faculty member of Centro Escolar University from 1989-2007.

Ms. Wilma Estaura is a graduate of A.B. Sociology from University of the Philippines. Master of Public Administration Major in Public Policy & Program Administration from University of the Philippines. Doctor of Public Administration (sans thesis) from University of the Philippines. Train the Trainers Program in University of Manchester, England. And Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines – HTTP and the Singapore Hotel School.

In 2021, Ms. Wilma Moran – Estaura was recognized by ACI HR Solutions as the Mentor of the Year 2021 where top HR executives from all around Asia-Pacific area were up for consideration. She spearheads AHRC’s leadership program, which cultivates high-potential talents via long-term developmental plans enriched by regular mentorship. In the same year, her programs led Seda Hotels in winning “Employers of Choice” which recognizes the best organization to work in Asia based on leadership, engagement, communication, and employee benefits; and “Best Health and Well-Being Program” in which Ms. Wilma implemented a Holistic Wellness Program that put emphasis on mitigating the adverse consequences of the crisis on its people, keeping them motivated, productive, engaged and consistently effective at performing their duties despite the circumstances.

Recently this year, Ms. Wilma Moran-Estaura also led Seda Hotels in winning the prestigious “2023 Innovative HR Teams Award” by Human Resources Director – Asia, which highlights the HR team’s outstanding dedication and the innovative strategies implemented within the organization. 

Joshua Ooi

Senior Manager, Solutions Adviosry, Dayforce

Joshua Ooi is a Senior Manager of the Solutions Advisory team at Dayforce, where he partners with HR leaders to address their business needs and drive digital transformation. With a decade of experience in corporate strategy, business development, and sales roles across South East Asia, Joshua excels at understanding the intricacies of HR operations and leveraging technology to enable organizations to achieve their goals. As a trusted advisor, he combines his expertise in technology with a keen understanding of the millennial workforce to help HR leaders navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Matthew Kane

Vice President, Solutions Advisory, APJ, Dayforce

Matthew has over 10 years’ experience in Sales and Pre-Sales roles in SaaS companies, managing and growing high-performing teams across ANZ, Asia, US and UK. He has led Dayforce’s Solutions Consulting team in the Asia Pacific and Japan region in the last four years, building the pre-sales function in the region from the ground up. Prior to Dayforce, Matthew held various roles in the solutions consulting space, responsible for global execution, and delivery of scale-related projects in collaboration with other product teams. Matthew is one of the Top Graduating Students at Monash University with a degree in Human Resource Management.

Maylene Benitez

Head of HR, Continental Global Business Service (keen on leadership and talent retention)

A graduate of the University of the Philippines with the degree of BS Development Communication, she journeyed through several roles related to writing and marketing before founding her way to HR. She started as an HR generalist, deciding then to focus on Training and eventually expanding to the whole realm of Talent Management and Organization Development. Now she’s handling all facets of HR again as Head of HR of Continental Global Business Services Manila. She has over 30 years of HR experience, though still learning, and still a work in progress.

She is a Certified Facilitator of Development Dimensions International (DDI), and Certified MBTI and FIRO Practitioner by the Myers Briggs Company. She considers herself a philomath (defined by Merriam-Webster as lover of learning).

Leads an active lifestyle—she is a runner and a yogi. She also enjoys reading, traveling, going out with family and friends, and listening to music. Nowadays she’s also into Kdrama, SB19, and learning more about AI and the GenZ’s.

Oliver Requilman

Adjunct Professor, Far Eastern University

A Certified Total Rewards Specialist from ASEAN Institute of Total Rewards, Singapore, and a Certified Professional HR from the Chartered Institute of HR Professionals, UK. Recently invested as Associate Fellow in People Management by Society of Fellows of People Management Association of the Philippines.

He was awarded “HR Leadership Award” in Bangalore India by Institute of Public Enterprise and Ascent (NGO) for promoting harmonious industrial relations; and for promoting a proactive Labor Management Council in the region where he was assigned. And on February 15, 2018, was recognized and awarded as one of the 100 Global HR Minds in Mumbai, India, by Times Ascent Inc.

Moreover, he placed one of the top ten for three consecutive years from 2018, 2019, and 2020, “TOP 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration and Learning”, Awarded by LinkedIn Asia and Marketing in Asia Ltd.

He has been part of the Mentorship Program under Leadership Development Committee of People Management Association of the Philippines since 2020 up to 2023. And just recently, he received a recognition as one of the Top 100 HR Leaders – Philippines, invested by Advantage Club and CHRO Asia last June 7th 2023.

He has a degree in Psychology, have completed two Masters degree in business and in HR Management, and a Doctorate degree in business administration. An INSEAD – France alumni and Asian Institute of Management Alumni as well. He has adequate knowledge in labor policies of China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore Labor Policies.

Currently, he is a Global Trainer/Consultant Partner at Circa Logica Group, and an Adjunct Professor at FEU – Manila for Institute of Accounts, Business, Finance, Graduate Program. And Professional Lecturer at San Sebastian College – Recoletos for Phd Program.

Jun Roy

OD Consulting Head of Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Manila

Jun Roy is the current OD Consulting Head of Nomura Research Institute (NRI)– Manila. NRI is the 2019 Global No. 1 Think Tank and Top 10 Fintech company in the world in 2021. He is also the incoming 2024 Vice Chairman of the Board and 2021 President of the Philippine Society for Talent Development (PSTD), and has more than 25 years of leadership experience in HR, Corporate Performance Management, and Quality Management both in the Philippines and abroad.

Michelle Cordero-Garcia

CHRO, Sun Life

A Filipino woman leader and life-long learner, Michelle continues to champion for people and community development within and beyond the workplace.

In her present role as Chief HR Officer of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), the country’s first and longest-standing life insurer serving the Filipino people for 128 years, Michelle is on a journey to continuously build a thriving and future-ready organization through people who are genuinely inspired by a purpose to help the Filipino people be financially secure and lead healthier lives.

With her 30 years of experience as an HR Leader and Influencer, she continues to pursue her passion around Strategic Business Partnering, Culture Transformation, and Talent Revolution. She is a strong advocate of cultivating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belongingness in the workplace, upholding these as essential practices that fosters an open, honest, and respectful work environment that ultimately impacts Employee Experience.

Outside of her corporate responsibility, Michelle is also active in pushing for various HR volunteer advocacies around advancing the practice Filipino HR while she keeps a home with her husband and three children.

In 2018, she was unanimously elected as the National President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), the biggest professional association of HR Leaders in the Philippines with more than 1,000 Corporate Members. Today, she sits as a member of PMAP’s Council of Presidential Advisers.

This year (2023), she received various awards and recognitions and the most recent ones are being named as the Platinum HR Leader of the Year by the Philippine HR Awards and being part of the 2023 Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn.

Michelle is a Psychology graduate and recipient of Jose Rizal Academic Excellence Award from De La Salle University. She is also an alumna of the Asian Institute of Management and DLSU-College of St. Benilde for her post-graduate certificates in Management, Organization Development, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Purpose | Passion | Reason — are the three things that’s keeping Michelle awake at night.

Danreb Oira

Vice-President and Head of HR at Zuellig Pharma Corp, Philippines

Vice-President and Head of HR at Zuellig Pharma Corp, Philippines, Danreb Oira has more than 20 years of professional and leadership experience in top local and multinational companies such as PLDT, Philippine Airlines, IBM, HSBC, Amazon and presently with Zuellig Pharma Corporation.

He is a Human Resources and Business Leader with proven executive leadership, strong business partnership and deep global perspective. He is exposed in varied business challenges like restructuring, divestment, transformation and scaling up operations.
He is a certified SPHR – International and SHRM – Senior Certified Professional (SCP) and has completed Master in Industrial Relations (MIR) from University of the Philippines School of Labour and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR) and Master in Management from Asian Institute of Management (AIM). Obtained Certificate in Business Economics (Strategic Business Economics) from the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P).

Michelle Sabillo

Vice-President for Human Resources, Oben Group of Toyota Dealerships

Michelle is a dynamic leader blending legal expertise and HR acumen in her current role as Vice President for Human Resources of the Oben Group of Toyota Dealerships consisting of Toyota Balintawak, Toyota Otis, Toyota North EDSA, Toyota Marilao, and Toyota San Jose Del Monte. She has built her career in diverse roles and industries.

A passionate lawyer with a rich background in both government and private practice, having served as State Counsel of the Department of Justice and as Associate in an esteemed law firm in in the City of Makati, Michelle gained expertise in diverse legal areas from regulatory compliance to litigation and employment law. She was also a College of Law Professor of Partnership, Constitutional Law, and Political Law Review, a stint she engaged in after passing the Philippine Bar exams.

Michelle is known for navigating legal intricacies while working with the Dealer Principal of the Oben Group to simultaneously drive HR strategies that promote organizational growth and champion a happy and positive workplace culture through a people-centric approach. She has shared and continues to share her expertise and the Oben Group’s best practices with the Toyota Dealer Network in the Philippines, a mission she started upon being elected as the President of the Toyota Dealer’s Association of the Philippines’ Human Resources Committee in 2017.

As a lawyer and HR Professional, Michelle is committed to making a meaningful impact to as many individuals as possible by utilizing her dual skill set to provide legal advice, implement supportive HR programs, and foster fulfilling environments conducive to healing and recovery. As such, within and beyond the workplace, she pursues her life purpose to empower abused women and children, merging her legal acumen with HR expertise in striving to create safe spaces and advocating for those in need.

Michelle is a Behavioral Science graduate of the University of Santo Tomas and acquired her Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Batangas as the class Valedictorian.

Shilpi Jaiswal

HR Director, Regional Head at HR NICE Philippines

Shilpi is a mother, management graduate, full stack HR professional with 18+ years’ work experience across industries ranging from Telecom, IT, Consulting and BPS managing talent functions. Shilpi is passionate about linking organization psychology with business challenges. Shilpi brings extensive expertise across talent management, organizational design & change management, workforce planning, HR analytics, leadership development, business partnership in driving strategic initiatives for global geographies and diversity aligned practices.

Shilpi is currently with NICE as HR Director, Regional Head HR NICE Philippines. She is responsible to scale the site, establish future ready people practices and reengineer processes to bring maximum efficiency. Prior to that she served as the HR Director with Amdocs for over 6 years where she was leading the people agenda for R&D group globally, during her last year she was based in Cyprus. She worked across different companies, diverse industries, and geography with organizations like Genpact, McKinsey, Nokia, and Microsoft where she played critical roles.

Embarking on her professional stint as an executive, Shilpi crafted her path of success by constantly reinventing herself, to be the change catalyst and create value for business and people. She is a strong proponent that the HR role is evolving to be Value creators and Culture Architect by being innovative in an ever-changing and demanding business environment. She endorses simplifying complex processes, driving insights from business challenges, and enabling analytics driven people solutions which propels business growth while retaining the interpersonal connections.

Besides an exemplary experience, Shilpi is MBA -HR from ITM, certified coach and holds advisory positions in institutes. Apart from chasing deadlines & engaging 9 year Gen-alpha boy, you can find her exploring places & surfing the latest trends. She likes challenging herself and advancing on a personal level and during the process assisting friends and colleagues to discover their potential and succeed.

Audrey Aryata

Consultant – Fearless Inc

Audrey is currently a consultant at Fearless Inc., a consulting firm that sparks innovation and humanity into what they do, with a special focus on Culture and Strategy interventions. She is a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University with the degree of BS in Communications Technology Management and an MA in Organizational Psychology. Her experience spans research, learning and development, and cultural transformation. She began her career as an Instructor at the John Gokongwei School of Management in the Ateneo de Manila University. In between classes, she was involved as a researcher in projects with CIA Bootleg Manila, a brand and innovation consultancy firm that has helped numerous brands in the Philippines seek opportunities and discover future possibilities. From time to time, Audrey also became involved as a researcher in the work of the Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development (CORD). She furthered her experience in learning and development and cultural transformation as a consultant for Management Strategies, a global consulting company based in Asia that specializes in Culture Branding and Transformation by way of strategy formulation, leadership development, capability building, and team engagement.

Audrey is a Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC) under the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL). She uses Action Learning as a way to help teams and organizations solve real, urgent, and complex problems.

Audrey’s top five talents are Individualization, Learner, Achiever, Significance, and Activator. She is passionate about education and health and as such, she is always on the lookout for ways to enhance the learning and well-being of others. When she is not working, you may find her at the gym, boxing or lifting weights, or at home, spending quality time with her family, playing video games, or watching a series or two on Netflix.

Vikrant Khanna

Global Head – Value Management, Advisory & Solutions

As the Global Head – Value Management, Advisory & Solutions at Darwinbox, Vikrant likes to think of his role as that of a Sherpa helping HR Leaders and Organizations navigate the convergence of talent and technology to achieve business outcomes. Through his 16+ long professional journey, Vikrant has multi-geography experience spanning global and regional transformation, industry development & change management; and has worked across roles spanning business development, program management, and solution development. Vikrant has been part of various globalization and transformation initiatives with organizations that have spanned the spectrum of HR Reorganization, HR Operating Model Design, Shared Services Execution, Cost Optimization, Payroll Outsourcing and Performance Benchmarking. He has also worked with governments and donor agencies to solve for industry level talent issues spanning geographies like Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Jordan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uruguay. He is passionate about subjects like the future of work, macro talent development, change as a critical capability and the convergence of talent and technology. Prior to Darwinbox, Vikrant was Director – HR Transformation at Deloitte, Value Engineering Lead (APAC) at Alight (where he was the co-author of Alight’s State of HR Transformation Study, possibly the most definitive research on the HR in a digital world spanning insights from 800+ organizations in Asia Pacific), and Lead – Insights and Innovation for Aon Hewitt in APAC, along with others.

Carmela Ilustre-Torres

Undersecretary of the Employment and Human Resource Development Cluster, Philippine Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE)

Carmela Ilustre-Torres is the Undersecretary of the Employment and Human Resource Development Cluster, Philippine Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE). With more than 20 years of service and experience in the Philippine government, she specialises in topics such as employment policy and deployment, planning and implementation, monitoring; facilitating employment through public employment services; and improving skills and employability through skills development and technical/vocational education and training.

She has also spent time as an international consultant and as a Senior Specialist at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), helping to drive policies around employment and skills development.

Maria Virginia O. Eala

Chief Human Resources Officer, Bank of the Philippine Islands

Atty. Gina Eala is the Chief Human Resources Officer of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). Joining BPI just at the cusp of the pandemic, she instituted various groundbreaking people centric programs covering safety, elevating culture and engagement, total rewards, health and wellness and HR digitalization. She used a high tech and high touch methodology, making BPI Human Resources more felt across the bank (and in the words of one happy client: “the best BPI HR team ever!”). Under her leadership, BPI HR clinched several awards for its people programs locally and internationally, saw a 10-point increase in its externally-administered employee engagement survey score (which it sustained last year), and with an immersive culture program centering on customer obsession and values, BPI elevated its NPS standing from #4 to #1 among all Philippine banks. BPI was also named as one of the Best Companies to Work for in HR – and all of these achieved within her first four years.

Prior to joining BPI, she was Regional Vice President for HR for CEMEX, heading HR teams across Asia, Middle East & Africa for 15 years, and was its first female member of the board of directors. Gina completed her undergraduate studies in law and psychology at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, earned a master’s degree in law from the University of Michigan, and practiced trial litigation before transitioning into the human resources industry. A trained dancer, Gina also does distance running in her free time.

Joanne Flinn

Chairwoman of the ESG Institute

Thought leader, award-winning author and respected international keynote speaker, Joanne Flinn has brought inspiration, insight, and action to audiences across countries and industries. Her deep experience enables her to share true insights about digital disruption, change and leadership. Her empathy and realism help people succeed in business and life. As the Chair of the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Institute, Joanne works with Chairman and CEOs of global entities to develop, scale and deploy sustainability strategies.