Regional Business Director, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

Vinay Dixit

Regional Business Director

Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

Vinay Dixit is a senior business leader with over 25 years of experience across Asia
Pacific, Middle East & Africa who is passionate about achieving business success as
well as creating a sustainable positive impact in the community. In his current role,
Vinay is leading Return to Work Solutions for Abbott Laboratories in Asia Pacific
which aims at providing support to companies enhance their operations during
COVID time through high quality rapid diagnostic solutions.
Vinay counts people leadership and community engagement as his key passions,
ensuring that superior business results are end products of highly inspired and
collaborative teams.
A regular speaker at various industry forums like IHT Sustainable Luxury
Conference, Adobe Digital Symposium, Economist Roundtable, British Walpole
Luxury Summit etc. Vinay has co-authored several publications on Purpose Driven
Leadership including “Redesign Tools To Translate Purpose Into Action”,
“Businesses must reframe their purpose, priorities” and “The Post Pandemic
Company”. His other articles on Asian market & consumers include
“Understanding China’s Growing Love for Luxury”, “One country, many markets:
Targeting the Chinese consumer with McKinsey ClusterMap”, and “Digital Nation
on the Rise: Profiting from China’s Internet Revolution”.