Senior Manager (HRM Excellence & IR), BASF Petronas Chemicals

Koljit Singh 

Senior Manager (HRM Excellence & IR)

BASF Petronas Chemicals

Koljit Singh has over 25 years of HR experience in all the key pillars of people-related activities.

At BASF PETRONAS Chemicals (BPC), he is responsible for driving and innovating the HRM Division and plays a significant role in advising and supporting the company’s top management in IR related matters. He also oversees HR projects and initiatives that enhance the employee experience and partners with leaders across the organization.

Before BASF PETRONAS Chemicals, Koljit was Head of Learning and Development at TNT Express (M) where he led talent acquisition, talent management, performance management, leadership development and organizational development.

Prior to TNT Express (M), Koljit was with JTI International (Japanese Tobacco) and he held various portfolios comprising of Compensation and Benefits Management, HR Budget and Training Management.

Koljit is a forward-thinking, future-focused executive who has provided strategic leadership and insightful problem-solving approaches. He brings visibility to and simplifies complex issues and has a talent for facilitating meaningful conversations about what matters most. This enables him to create high impact, results-oriented cultures in the organizations undergoing change and transformation.