Ramco Systems

Ramco Systems has been at the forefront of providing next-gen solutions to global corporations, helping them leverage technology for enterprise-wide digital transformation. Part of the USD 1 billion Ramco Group, Ramco Systems focuses on innovation and culture to differentiate itself in the marketplace. With 2.4 million monthly payslips across 60+ countries for 500+ customers, Ramco has been delivering payroll transformation through its award-winning solutions and services for 25+ years.

We use a revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform that focuses on making innovation a core competitive advantage for our customers and is powered by five technology-driven tenets – Zero UI , AI and ML , Frictionless computing, Event-driven notifications and Low-code applications.

Our innovation-oriented and future-thinking product philosophy is what helps us create true transformational value for our customers including –

  • Generating new revenue streams by integrating with the marketplace via APIs
  • Reducing the cost of core IT spend
  • Delivering a stellar customer and user experience for higher engagement and retention
  • Providing unparalleled operational efficiencies with real-time visibility at the click of a button

Website: ramco.com/payroll