1 DECEMBER 2022, Shangri-La Singapore



1 December 2022 | Shangri-La Singapore


Whilst leading the charge on reimagining work in a post-pandemic world, the profile of CHRO has risen exponentially in the past two years in visibility, significance, and recognised contributions to the business.

With new hybrid work models and the changing role of the office and culture, talent supply chain disruption, and an ever-changing competitive landscape, CHROs now need to focus on putting new priorities into action whilst filtering through the myriad of trends and predictions, both locally and globally, to meet the increased expectations of their business.  


  • Latest hybrid work models for an agile workforce and innovative culture
  • Navigating through talent supply chain disruption
  • Industry-critical trends and predictions for HR leaders in Singapore
  • Reimagining HR in the metaverse
  • Building your HR team as a centre of design
  • Driving continued success as the board’s leader in human capital management




Low Peck Kem
CHRO & Advisor (Workforce Development), Public Service Division
Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore

Angelina Chua
Head of People & Culture, Asia Pacific South
SIG Group

Alvin Goh
Executive Director
Singapore Human Resources Institute

Chew Siew Mee
Managing Director
JobStreet Singapore

Daniel Peh
Director of Sales
JobStreet Singapore

Associate Professor R Brian Stone
College of Design and Engineering, Division of Industrial Design
National University of Singapore

Adrian Seligman
Executive Board Member
Top Employers Institute

Huishan Lim
General Manager, Singapore & Philippines
FastCo Pte Ltd

David Harden
Senior Vice President, Client Success

Kim Chua
Director of Student Success
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Rob Squires
VP Regional Head, Asia and Japan

Mike Warren
RVP Sales, Asia Pacific

Shenton Sng
Vice President, Human Resources Division
SPH Media Limited

Dr Vinika D. Rao
Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Gender Initiative & Africa Initiative; Asia Director, Hoffmann Global Institute for Business & Society

Effi Zhang
Head of People
Think Academy International Education Pte Ltd (100% Subsidiary of TAL Education Group)

Jonathan Stewart
Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Enabling Functions

Hosea Lai
Senior Director, Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion
Applied Materials Asia Pacific

Shree Mogan
Council Member
ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)


9.00 AM


9.30 AM

Welcome & opening remarks

9.40 AM

[FIRESIDE CHAT] The role of CHROs in Singapore and ASEAN and the evolving labour market dynamics of 2023

With 2023 fast approaching, it is time to look at the priorities that will shape work in the new year for CHROs in Singapore and ASEAN.

Join our speakers in this fireside chat as they address:

  • Talent recognition and retention in the hybrid work set up
  • Prioritizing reskilling and well-being of employees
  • Partnering with employees to co-create the new shape of work


Shree Mogan, Council Member, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)
Alvin Goh, Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute

10.00 AM

Delivering quantifiable value through HR transformation

While the pandemic brought disruption to global labour markets in 2020, it also accelerated digital transformation, propelling a faster adoption of automation and AI. In this new era of work, HR leaders may find themselves asking what’s next and how they can create value while helping their organizations be ready for what lies ahead. Learn how to maximise HR’s capabilities to deliver value and share best practices with peers.

Rob Squires, VP Regional Head, Asia and Japan, Ceridian

10.30 AM

Morning tea and networking break

10.50 AM

Faster and Better: How Global Organisations are Improving Recruitment Efficiency with Automation

Sourcing talent is more difficult than ever, and recruiters are feeling it. Attrition, burnout, turnover — in the most competitive labor market in recent memory, how can CHROs make major improvements to the recruiting function, and the recruiter role itself, to improve hiring outcomes?

Join this session to learn:

  • How to leverages technology and automation to optimise recruiter workload and efficiency
  • How General Motors cut time to interview schedule from 5 days to less than 30 minutes, and generated $2 million in direct cost savings
  • How to provide every candidate a white glove experience at scale
  • Why the present — and future — of recruiting and hiring is conversations

David Harden
, Senior Vice President, Client Success, Paradox

11.20 AM

[PANEL DISCUSSION] Optimising your talent pool with a multigenerational workforce

Today’s workforce span across five generations, and each has varied work habits, expectations, and communication styles.

A multigenerational workforce can give companies a competitive advantage but can also pose inevitable challenges in the management of such a diverse talent pool.

Companies that can leverage these differences will be able to bring out the best in their people, build a healthy talent pipeline and ensure sustainable business growth.

Join our panel of senior HR leaders as they unravel the secret to creating a happy and cohesive multigenerational workforce.


Kim Chua, Director of Student Success, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Low Peck Kem, CHRO & Advisor (Workforce Development), Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore

Angelina Chua, Head of People & Culture, Asia Pacific South, SIG Group

12.05 PM

Skills, Culture and Learning Experience

Today’s global workforce struggle with disengaged employees and an ever-widening skills gap. We want to share how you can overcome these challenges through a phased approach.

This session looks at how to build a long-term learning culture that starts and ends with your people. We explain how to develop learner engagement and experience by showing their powerful impact on skills and culture.

Mike Warren, RVP Sales, Asia Pacific, Docebo

12.35 PM

Lunch and networking break

1.20 PM

User Experience Design for HR Leaders

The post-COVID-19 workplace will present many challenges to the HR professional. One such challenge will be the identification and hiring of top-talent, who are driven by intrinsic motivators, possess different employment expectations, and are no longer constrained to geographic boundaries. A second challenge is that assuming companies find the perfect candidate, how quickly can they be onboarded, so their productivity is maximized, and they assimilate into a small organizational culture confidently and comfortably.

These challenges can be appropriately dealt with from a human-centered perspective through the process of experience design, or commonly referred to as UX. This is the process of defining the experience a user would go through when interacting with products, systems, or services, encompassing all aspects of a customer’s experience and interaction with a company.

Professor Stone will discuss the relevance of UX to the Human Resource manager in an effort to elevate perceived experiences concerning communication, usefulness, desirability, and performance amongst potential new hires and internal stakeholders.

Associate Professor R Brian Stone, College of Design and Engineering, Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore

1.50 PM

[FIRESIDE CHAT] Enhancing the culture of respect and inclusion in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion remain top priorities of organisations everywhere. Join us for this unique and insightful discussion on how HR leaders are making workplaces even more welcoming for all.

From celebrating diversity and inclusion, to showing allyship to members of the LGBTQ+ community, hear about how organisations are increasingly becoming a positive contributor to societal change.

Dr Vinika D. Rao, Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Gender Initiative & Africa Initiative; Asia Director, Hoffmann Global Institute for Business & Society, INSEAD

Hosea Lai, Senior Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Applied Materials Asia Pacific

2.35 PM

Unleashing the power of the “Involved” employee

Every year the Top Employers Institute releases its World of Work trends report and, this year, trend number 1 was, ‘Unleashing the Potential of the Involved Employee’. The background to the finding is a world of work full of organisations craving innovation and agility in order to safeguard competitiveness combined with a hot labour market heavily skewed towards candidates. How can organisations thrive in this setting and how can we, as HR leaders, unlock hidden potential to drive that much-needed innovation?

In this session we’ll unpack the finding and explore its impact on engagement and productivity before sharing 2 examples of the exciting potential of employee involvement. The first focuses on the hybrid working challenge and the second upon purpose activation.

Adrian Seligman, Executive Board Member, Top Employers Institute

3.05 PM

Is a blended workforce the way to go? – Navigate and leverage the gig economy

The need for the workforce to be agile has never been more emphasised since the global pandemic. Explore how with today’s HR technology and the rise in supply of gig workers can help your company achieve strategic and tactical manpower needs.

• Why are companies and job seekers so keen on the gig economy?

  • Challenges of starting, implementing and managing a blended workforce
  • What are some of the pitfalls of a blended workforce and how to manoeuvre them
  • Insights on demand, supply, case studies, and outlook of a blended workforce for both companies and job seekers.

Huishan Lim, General Manager, Singapore & Philippines, FastCo Pte Ltd

3.35 PM

Afternoon tea and networking break

3.55 PM

Putting people first: winning the war for talent

  • Understanding the hiring trends of today and tomorrow
  • A deep dive into the key priorities to attract and retain talent
  • Discover emerging practices in compensation and benefits

Chew Siew Mee
, Managing Director, JobStreet Singapore
Daniel Peh
, Director of Sales, JobStreet Singapore

4.25 PM

[PANEL DISCUSSION] Talent trends & predictions for HR leaders in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, HR leaders are tasked to building a people strategy that works as Singapore moves beyond the pandemic era. HR leaders need to empower other leaders in embracing hybrid leadership and use a more holistic goal-oriented approach to improve the performance of their teams.

Join this concluding session where our panel will discuss:

  • Whether a contingent workforce is an increasingly important business strategy?
  • Improving on competencies for your talents
  • Looking beyond the shores of Singapore – Is this the way to go?
  • Best practices for being successful in the HR field in 2023



Shenton Sng, Vice President, Human Resources Division, SPH Media Limited


Effi Zhang, Head of People, Think Academy International Education Pte Ltd (100% Subsidiary of TAL Education Group)

Jonathan Stewart, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Enabling Functions, Kantar


  • A*Star
  • AETOS Holdings
  • Agency for Integrated Care
  • Agility Logistics
  • Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
  • Aspial Corporation
  • British American Tobacco
  • Carrier
  • CBRE
  • Certis
  • Chanel Asia Pacific
  • Changi Airport Group
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Continental Group
  • Deloitte Asia Pacific
  • Dentsu International
  •  DHL Express
  • Emerson
  • Endowus
  • Eu Yan Sang International
  • Fujifilm Business Innovation
  • GIC
  • Glico Asia Pacific
  • HP
  • Jabil Green Point
  • Lazada
  • Lego Singapore
  • L’oreal
  • M1
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Moneysmart
  • National Council of Social Service
  •  OCBC
  • Open Government Products
  • Outward Bound Singapore
  • Philips Securities
  • Public Service Division
  • Raffles Quay Asset Managemen
  • Samsung Electronics Singapore
  • Schindler Lifts Singapore
  • Shell Eastern Petroleum
  • Siemens
  • Singapore Pools
  • Straits Trading
  • UOL Group
  • UPS
  • Zebra Technologies Asi


Take advantage of this unrivaled, perfect opportunity to:

  • Profile your company and share successful case studies that help senior HR and business leaders address their challenges in their businesses
  • Showcase and demonstrate your innovative HR solutions in-person to your target buying audience
  • Foster and cultivate new business relationships
  • Generate leads