7 December 2022 | Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur


Whilst leading the charge on reimagining work in a post-pandemic world, the profile of CHRO has risen exponentially in the past two years in visibility, significance, and recognised contributions to the business.

With new hybrid work models and the changing role of the office and culture, talent supply chain disruption, and an ever-changing competitive landscape, CHROs now need to focus on putting new priorities into action whilst filtering through the myriad of trends and predictions, both locally and globally, to meet the increased expectations of their business.  


  • Latest hybrid work models for an agile workforce and innovative culture
  • Navigating through talent supply chain disruption
  • Industry-critical trends and predictions for HR leaders in Malaysia
  • Reimagining HR in the metaverse
  • Building your HR team as a centre of design
  • Driving continued success as the board’s leader in human capital management




Fong Tuan Chen
Senior Executive Vice President (Group Human Capital), Maybank

Dr. Bob Aubrey
Founder & Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)

Mallory Loone
Co-founder, Work Inspires

Koljit Singh
Human Resources Director, APAC, Flexsys Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Pannie Sia
General Manager, ASEAN, Workday

Tom Haythorn
Head of Solution Consulting, ASEAN, Workday

Andrew Pereira
CEO, General Assembly Malaysia

Adrian Seligman
Executive Board Member, Top Employers Institute

Rob Squires
VP, Regional Head of Asia & Japan

Dr. Siti Rohani Md. Yusof
CEO/Principal Consultant|
Innovation Global Network

Aziz Jameran
Head of Group Human Resources Division
Ranhill Group

Nadiah Tan Abdullah
Chief Human Resources Officer
SP Setia

Mike Warren
RVP Sales, Asia Pacific

Sugunah Verumandy
Head of Human Resource
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad

Olivier Pestel
VP, Solutions Group
Cornerstone OnDemand

Simon Benjamin 
Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management

Eddie Lee
HR Consultant (Chief People Officer), Mewah Group

Executive Director, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)



7 December 2022 | Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur


8.30 AM


9.00 AM

Welcome & opening remarks

9.10 AM

[KEYNOTE ADDRESS] The role of the CHRO in navigating through uncertain times

  • Broadening and deepening the effective use of workplace flexibility
  • Upskilling and reskilling for an evolving labour market
  • Architecting a workplace conducive to health and well-being

Speaker: Andrew Pereira, CEO, General Assembly Malaysia

9.30 AM

Redesigning your post-pandemic employee journey

  • Addressing employment pain points in a hybrid workplace for the employer, employee, and candidates
  • Reimagining your employees as customers to boost retention
  • Mapping a journey for your employees that matches your organisation’s goal in the post-pandemic market

Speaker: Mallory Loone, Co-founder, Work Inspires

10.00 AM

Delivering quantifiable value through HR transformation

While the pandemic brought disruption to global labour markets in 2020, it also accelerated digital transformation, propelling a faster adoption of automation and AI. In this new era of work, many HR leaders are now asking what’s next and how they can create value while helping their organizations be ready for what lies ahead.

Speaker: Rob Squires, VP, Regional Head of Asia & Japan, Ceridian

10.30 AM

Morning tea and networking break

10.50 AM

[PANEL DISCUSSION] Creating a humanised, sustainable employee health model

  • What does employee well-bring look like in a hybrid work age?
  • Implementation of Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) to provide better support towards employees’ mental health
  • How mental and emotional well-being influences how your employees think, feel, and behave at the workplace
  • Using data analytics for impactful strategic interventions to your employee’s mental and physical well-being


Simon Benjamin, President, Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management 


Eddie Lee, HR Consultant (Chief People Officer), Mewah Group & Executive Director, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)

Koljit Singh, Human Resources Director, APAC, Flexsys Malaysia Sdn Bhd

11.35 AM

The How, What and Why of workforce optimisation: HR’s next big priority

  • Importance of workforce optimisation in an exceptionally tight labour market
  • Attributes of an agile, skills-based people strategy
  • Build a culture that supports talent mobility, and empowers employees to embrace agility and thrive

Pannie Sia, General Manager, ASEAN, Workday

Tom Haythorn, Head of Solution Consulting, ASEAN, Workday

12.05 PM

Lunch and networking break

12.50 PM

Stepping into the next era of HR

  • Evolution of HRIS : Journey of Ranhill Employee System (RES)
  • Practitioners Perspective : Guided Approach to Implementing an HRIS
  • A step into the future : Intelligent Integrations and Building an Ecosystem

Speaker: Aziz Jameran, Head of Group Human Resources Division, Ranhill Group

1.20 PM

The future of work beyond the pandemic

  • Effective strategies to engage a larger labour force through flexible work arrangements
  • Exploring alternative employee benefits to retain talent and boost productivity
  • Cultivating a feeling of inclusion for employees in a hybrid work environment

Speaker: Fong Tuan Chen, Senior Executive Vice President (Group Human Capital), Maybank

1.50 PM

Unleashing the power of the “Involved” employee

Every year the Top Employers Institute releases its World of Work trends report and, this year, trend number 1 was, ‘Unleashing the Potential of the Involved Employee’. The background to the finding is a world of work full of organisations craving innovation and agility in order to safeguard competitiveness combined with a hot labour market heavily skewed towards candidates. How can organisations thrive in this setting and how can we, as HR leaders, unlock hidden potential to drive that much-needed innovation?

In this session we’ll unpack the finding and explore its impact on engagement and productivity before sharing 2 examples of the exciting potential of employee involvement. The first focuses on the hybrid working challenge and the second upon purpose activation.

Speaker: Adrian Seligman, Executive Board Member, Top Employers Institute

2.20 PM

[FIRESIDE CHAT] The new role of CHROs in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and reporting

  • HR to Human Development: How CHRO’s contribute to People, Purpose, Profit
  • ESG: from compliance and greenwashing to business contribution
  • Human Net Positive: what it is and how to measure it
  • How CHROs are adapting to Malaysia’s GIW Social Accountability Scheme (SIRIM 50)


Dr. Bob Aubrey, Founder & Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO)

Fong Tuan Chen, Senior Executive Vice President (Group Human Capital), Maybank

2.50 PM

Skills, Culture and Learning Experience

Today’s global workforce struggle with disengaged employees and an ever-widening skills gap. We want to share how you can overcome these challenges through a phased approach.

This session looks at how to build a long-term learning culture that starts and ends with your people. We explain how to develop learner engagement and experience by showing their powerful impact on skills and culture.

Speaker: Mike Warren, RVP Sales, Asia Pacific, Docebo

3.20 PM

Afternoon tea and networking break

3.40 PM

Unlock the limitless potential of your teams through AI and Technology

The world of work is becoming more complex and to remain competitive, companies need to employ new levels of business agility and workforce resilience. Employees have high expectations, and if they don’t get what they need, they’re leaving. They want to focus on their career paths and reach their full potential which creates more complex workflows for HR leaders, who find themselves at the centre of business transformation and will define the way we work into the future. For organisations to reach their full potential, talent leaders must look to AI and technology for growth and engagement opportunities for their people. They must be able to predict business needs, fill gaps and automate processes to succeed – all of this in an environment of global uncertainty.

Speaker: Olivier Pestel, VP, Solutions Group, Cornerstone OnDemand

4.10 PM

[PANEL DISCUSSION] Talent trends & predictions for 2023

  • What type of people strategy should we embrace as Malaysia moves beyond the pandemic era?
  • How do HR leaders empower other leaders in embracing hybrid leadership?
  • Empowering people managers to use a more holistic goal-oriented approach towards improving the performance of their team
  • Best practices for being successful in the HR field in 2023

Dr. Siti Rohani Md. Yusof, CEO/Principal Consultant, Innovation Global Network

Nadiah Tan Abdullah, Chief Human Resources Officer, SP Setia

Sugunah Verumandy, Head of Human Resource, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad


  • AirAsia
  • Alliance Bank Malaysia
  • Ampcorp Group Berhad
  • AXA
  • Baker Huges
  • B. Braun Medical Industries
  • Beijing Enterprises Water Group
  • BNP Paribas Malaysia
  • CIMB
  • Electrolux Malaysia
  • Finance Accreditation Agency
  • Forest Interactive
  • Fortis Star
  • Gas Malaysia Energy & Services
  • Genting Malaysia
  • Honda Malaysia
  • Infineon Technologies (Malaysia)
  • Inspire Group Asia
  • International SOS
  • KPMG
  • Lam Soon Edible Oils
  • Malaysia Marine & Heavy Engineering
  • Malaysian Institute of Management
  • Nano Malaysia
  • Openet Telecom Malaysia
  • Prudential Services Asia
  • Qualitas Health Medical Group
  • Rohde & Schwarz Malaysia
  • RSD Hospitals
  • Social Security Organization
  • Sunway Property
  • Tan Chong Group
  • Telakom Malaysia
  • Teleperformance Malaysia
  • Tetra Pak (Malaysia)
  • Touch ‘n Go
  • UMW Corporation


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